Caelan's Campaign for Change

Caelan's Campaign for Change

From Caelan Priddy

Hello, My name is Caelan Priddy. I have created this fundraiser in order to pursue a dream. A dream where I can spend every day of my life positively impacting this Earth and our nation. See More Info below for details.

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As you may know, my name is Caelan Priddy. I am currently a junior at Purdue University studying Computer Engineering. I created this fundraiser in hopes to gain funding to pursue my dream. A dream that focuses on creating a change within our nation. A dream where I can donate, support, and fund-raise organizations that help both the people and our nation. I want to help the people by creating, donating, and fund-raising organizations that focus on natural disaster relief, medical research, and mentoring. I want to help our nation by working on other issues concerning; energy, and environmental conservation. I'm asking for your support, so that I can dedicate my life to this. Support coming in the form of; advice, shares, and donations. I've set up this fundraiser in the hopes that my dream will be shared to spread the word. The idea is that if people want to see change then together we can generate one. All I need is for a small percentage of the population to believe in me and to donate a single dollar to the cause. With your help, we can change the lives of countless. With your help, I will be able to create organizations and programs that work to make our nation a better place. With your help, I can catch my dream, I can wake up everyday and make someone's life better. This is my dream, and I need your help to achieve it. If you believe we need change, I ask that you support this dream. Working together, we can generate change. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope that you are happy, well, and chasing dreams. Further information details; why you should donate, how you can help, and the plan behind the idea.

Now, you may be thinking," Why should I donate this dollar to you?" You should donate to my cause because I would be a constant force spending every day working to make our nation better. Think about how many people in your life wake up every day to do this. Think about how many people donate or help those in need on a consistent basis. Think about how many want to see change, but do not act. Finally, think about how many are struggling, and could benefit from a young man working to make as many lives better as possible. Not, only this but with funds, I could build a network of like-minded individuals. With the funds, I could reach a countless number of lives. One life changed is better than nothing. You could help promote this. Now, you may be thinking,” Well, why donate to you when I could donate to a larger organization?”  I’m not saying do not do this, but I am saying your donation summed with every other donation would have a much larger effect if pooled in one area. With a larger fund, the money can be increased at a much faster rate. Which in turn, allows the donation you made to become a larger donation and reach much further. Creating a positive effect on more lives. Also, with the funds gathered under one roof, a network of organizations and people can be gathered together. A platform could be built and then used to create other organizations, and or bring people to the cause. This would be useful in that, the more people working the faster goals can be reached. Also if existing programs did not meet our wants, other organizations/programs could be created to do so. I have one such idea for an organization in mind. A summer mentoring program that children and young adults could attend (View Further Information). Finally, it helps me pursue a dream, and provides a living example for young adults and people everywhere to see what can happen if you chase your dreams.

Now you may be thinking, "Why a dollar?" Well, you are welcome to donate as much as you wish, but the math behind the dollar is this. According to the United States Census Bureau, as of July 1st, 2016 there are 323,127,513 people that live in the United States. Now, not all are able to donate due to being too young, or in-access to internet, or a debit/credit card. So if we remove the under 18 category totaling a 22.8% and add about another 7.2% for the previously listed miscellaneous reasons, that gives 30% of the population removed because inability. This leaves approximately 226,189,259 that are available to donate. If 1.5% of this population donated about 1.00$, I would be at roughly 3,400,000 $ without including the payment processor's fee. This then gives me a good funding base, with which I will begin. However; for this to work it needs to be seen. Every share reaches more eyes, and the more eyes it reaches means the more help. Please if you do not wish to donate, please at least share. This dream is far from impossible, and I need people who want to act, who have hope, and will give a little for a larger cause. 

Now, let's say this all were to workout. I gather funds enough to begin my dream on a large scale. What is the plan from here? The plan is this, I will take a sum of the donations and give to the Red Cross Disaster Relief. This is where I believe the money would have the largest affect as of this moment. The reason being to provide aid to all the people struck by natural disasters recently. This way, people can see that I am serious about making changes, and affecting lives. Secondly, I will continue my networking with other people, organizations, and fundraisers. Meaning, I will be donating, and actively trying to get involved in the philanthropic community. I will give this my best effort, but realize that I still have school as a commitment. Thirdly, I will set aside a portion of the funds in a very stable place so that if some unnamable crisis occurs, I will have a fall back to continue working. Fourthly, I will take the remaining portion, and invest in dividend funds to grow and have an income. (See Further Information for Investment). This is necessary because, I will need more than the initial funds to continue changing lives. Investing in dividend funds, will create a way that I can consistently receive money. If, I am consistently receiving, then I can consistently donate. This also gives me some time to finish college before diving in head first. With the funds; donated, safe, and growing. I will remain in school until completion. I will also maintain my current lifestyle to the best of my ability until I graduate. I will remain an advocate, and a participant for philanthropy. Finally, I will work on my image as a young man and continue to teach, ease, and help those around me.

After Graduation: I will continue working with the philanthropies that I began working with in College. I will continue growing the funds, and giving to the community. I would by then like to have a secure platform in which, I can take polls and surveys. The surveys will be used to see where people wish for me to invest my time and money. A way to gather thoughts, on what is valued by the population. I will then spend time as I said before, working on, philanthropies, fundraising, and donating.  A few of the main philanthropies I have in mind to support include; American Red Cross, Medical Research Charities, and National Geographic Society. These philanthropies respectfully support natural disaster relief, medical research to cure or prevent "dreaded diseases", and conservation and repair of our natural world. I would like to donate some of the gathered funds to support these philanthropies, among others.  I would then like to begin the setup of my mentoring program and aid in the funding of a clean energy transition. (More Information Below) As I said before, advice is welcome. I will be open to listening to all ideas. I will listen to wisdom, and deal with everyone respectfully. However; this is a donation, and I want people to understand that I will do what I deem is in the best interest for the continuation of a lasting positive effect. 

So you may be thinking," Well this is awesome, but what if this does not work out?" Well, the idea would have been a guaranteed failure if I never gave it a shot. So, I have already made some progress. However; if this fails, nothing is really lost, I will have learned more, and become closer to my dream. I will simply take what funds I have gathered and hopefully one day, I will reach my dream. I hope this does not occur. I am asking for you to help donate so that the dream doesn't fail. We need people to start acting so please, help me, help us. 

If you are interested in helping me; below I have listed a few things that you can do. I also ask, that if you know me and decide to share that you also say a few positive words or thoughts on my behalf. So that others whom do not know me can gather more information to form a decision. If you don't know me yet decide to support me, I would also appreciate that you share with others how you came to your decision. Sharing this allows other people to formulate a viewpoint on the idea. I'm just a young man, that wants to see a change in this world. If you've ever seen a Disney movie, or have had a dream, I ask that you help. We need to break the bystander effect, so that people start acting, and changing the world. Your dollar can serve no better purpose. If we all work together, we can have a huge effect, and change countless lives. Any action that you take from below benefits the cause, and I appreciate it more than you know. Thank you very much for your time. No matter your decision, I hope that you are well, happy, and that your life only gets better.

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Logistics: Venmo is a payment app used to quick pay other people who own the app. I offer the Venmo option because it does not contain any transaction fees. Whereas the payment processor used by this website charges 2.9% + .30 cents per donation. At 0.32$ is where I begin receiving donations.

 I will be posting regularly to keep everyone updated on what is going on. I will do that through this website, and through my social medias. I just want to say thank you and that I appreciate you taking the time to read about my ideas. No matter what you decide I hope that you are well, happy, and that it only gets better

Further Information Includes

  • About Me
  • Investment Plan
  • Other Thoughts 
  • Financial Obligation
  • Citation     

About Me: I am 20 years old, I have four biological siblings, and two step-siblings. I am the second oldest to our crazy crew, I love my siblings more than anything. Furthermore, I currently am a junior at Purdue University studying Computer Engineering.  Before College, I attended Ben Davis High school, where I participated in sports, clubs, and National Honor Society. Since, the age of 11, I spent my summer time at a Summer Camp in Brown County Indiana. At the age of 15, I became a staff there. With being a Camp Counselor, older brother, and team captain, I was mentoring a lot from an early age. I came to love it. Now current day, I study, workout, program, write, rap, and do my best to pursue other interest. I do my best to make those around me happier. I love being goofy, smiling and cracking jokes to get those around me laughing. I love changing lives, even if it means just hearing a laugh. If you have any other questions about the idea or my life, feel free to shoot me an email at

Investment Plan: Provided I have the money, I would like to create a large diverse investment portfolio consisting of twenty to twenty-five different companies. The largeness and diversification is so that all my eggs are not in one basket. If one side of the market collapses, I will still have other funds. The selection of the companies will be based on their goals, stability, and products. I want to support companies with like minded ideas. Once I have ran out of stable companies with like minded ideas. I will then support companies that are unrelated, stable, and non-harmful. Companies like General Electric, Disney, and Microsoft. This is the plan, and any advice is welcome.

Other Thoughts: With the funds that are grown and developed, I have a few other ideas on what they can be used to accomplish. My other ideas for funds include; the startup of a large summer mentoring program, and a scholarship program. The reason I use the word program, is that these ideas are beginning to be developed. I have a good idea of the outline, but not a clear idea on how events will play out. I'll give a brief overview of the previously mentioned thoughts. The mentoring program, will be a summer long program (approximately 8 weeks/sessions) in which children, and young adults can sign up for sessions. A session is a one week long overnight experience, where these children can come pursue passions that interest them, be with children their age, and learn from the counselors/mentors working. A session starts when another ends. A kid can be signed up for any number of sessions, and the sessions can be started as needed in the child's summer. The session's schedule will consist of participating in classes or activities that help kids find an interest or pursue one. I would like to offer knowledge in almost every area of life. The activities would range anywhere from; Archery to Zip-lining, and include all the in between (as long as I have the mentors). Kids can pursue multiple passions in their week long session. I would like to use this to promote kids to come learn about activities, and ideas that interest them. I then want to introduce them to people their age that share their interest. All while, I am teaching these children to be passionate, wise, and caring individuals. Now, as for the scholarship program this is simpler. I would like to interview, and meet with young ladies and gentlemen, that show great character. After the interview process, once candidates have been selected, I would like to donate directly to the child(ren). So that they can then use that money to; further their education, donate, and chase their dreams. I will be trusting, the child to spend the money as they seem fit, in hopes they will follow their own dreams, and make the world a better place.

Financial Obligations: Quite honestly, there is not a financial obligation. You are entrusting me with your donation, in hopes that I will pursue my dreams, and make this world a better place. Just as I one day will do for future kids. I promise that my intentions are true, and I hope you believe in me enough to help the cause.

As I said before, I am a young man, which wants to create and see a positive impact in this world. I hope that you help contribute to the dream, and become a part of it. No matter what you decide, I hope that you are well, happy, and remain that way.


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