Create a Gaming Marketplace

Create a Gaming Marketplace

From Gidzee Vestra

Create an online gaming marketplace for gamers to sell their items and services. The marketplace will be free for anyone to sell and buy video game related products.

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Fragrr is an online marketplace that deals with buying and selling gaming items. The idea of this digital marketplace was birthed from the on-going situation of the gaming culture where people have resorted to developing a virtual world for themselves while escaping from reality. Reality is limited, but our imaginations are not and gaming has provided a huge segment of the population of the world a choice to expand that imagination and to act on it. 

With that being said, gaming is not how it was some 20 to 30 years ago. It is no longer looked upon it as a means of leisure or as a resort to ‘blowing off steam’. People are actually making careers out of it because the world is competitive and when there is competition, money is involved. Surely, the time spent in front of your PC or your gaming consoles must stand for something right?

So, with that knowledge, certain services are offered on Fragrr to help gamers with their progression on a certain gaming because there is always an area where somebody will always need help. Fragrr deals with digital items such as boosts for your games, in-game currency and coaching with real professionals that will help players in brushing up their skills. 

The boosts and coaching are available for the following games:

1. Overwatch:

Boosts for Placement Matches, Ranking, Leveling, Rank Maintenance are available. Players can also chat and interact with their boosters for the extra tips and coaching.

2. DoTA:

Boosts are available for Low Priority games. Besides that MMR boosts and Calibration Matches boosts are gives by professional players who acts as the player’s respective boosters. If a player is looking for coaching rather than boosts, they are available as well through various video chat options and they are accessible through Members Arena.

3. Hearthstone:

Any boosts from Arena boosts and Ranking boosts are available as well. If a player is interested in acquiring a certain hero, boosters can do that for you, even including the Golden Hero. Boosters can help with completing adventures by building exclusive decks.

4. League Of Legends:

Wins can be boosting using the Elo boosting. The Placement Matches can be completed using the Placement Matches boost. The Champion Mastery can also be achieved using the respective boost.

5. Apex Legends:

Special boosts are available for achievements and badges. Professional boosters can help players increase their kill stats as well.

6. Rocket League:

In Rocket League, Placement Matches are important as well, and if a special boost is needed, it is available at the click of a button. Seasonal Award boosts are available from professional boosters too.

7. Fortnite:

Anything from Battle Pass boosts to Daily Quests boosts are available from boosters who are adept at this game. 70% of win is guaranteed with 100% surety.

8. World of Warcraft:

Eyeing to own that raid, the boosters will do that for you. Boosters can also act as the perfect coaches for the gamer on giving secret tips and tricks to come out victorious. 

9. CS:GO:

Boosters help players to attain and maintain the perfect rank while successfully completing the Placement Matches.

Besides these boosts and special coaching, one can learn how to build a PC game with the help of specific coaches who are professionals. One can sell one’s services and can play the role of a booster or a coach as well. So, Fragrr can act as the perfect medium to buy or sell digital products through a safe escrow system. 

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