Crack a Bottle. Crack ALS.

Crack a Bottle. Crack ALS.

From Sebastian Hendra

My dad was diagnosed with ALS last month. He loves life, writing, food + wine. I'm frustrated, so I'm doing something about it. This month, I'm giving up booze, smashing a bottle per day and raising $ for ALS. Join me.

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How it works...

It's like the Ice Bucket Challenge, only infinitely cooler.

Every day of this month I will donate the money I would typically spend on wine/booze to this fund. To celebrate my selflessness, I will smash an empty bottle. I will record this smashing though I be not smashed. I will then nominate 2 people at the end of the video to do the same. Every. Single. Day.

If you're nominated, all you have to do is:

  • Not drink for one day (or pretend not to)
  • Donate your spare booze money to this Fundly campaign ($20 per person is recommended donation)
  • Find an empty bottle of booze
  • Smash it somewhere (SAFELY)
  • Record the smashing
  • Post it on your IG (if you're a Millennial)
  • Nominate 2 more people

If all my Instagram followers did this and donated $20 I would hit my target pretty much tomorrow. Not an unreasonable goal. Though the number of followers I have is unreasonably embarrassing.

So, get cracking.

What you're donating to...

The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter.

This is a heroic organization that has been very helpful to my family. Donating money to them allows them to spend it on research and patient services. Both are crucial. They also have an excellent reputation, and operate locally.

Quick example of how this org helps: my dad already needs a motorized wheelchair. It takes months to get a proper one through prescription. (It takes months to get ANYTHING.) The ALS Association offered us a loaner within 2 weeks. This makes a huge difference.

For future campaigns, please let me know in the comments of other equally fantastic organisations that could use our grassroots support.

The spirit of this campaign...

This disease is anything but funny. (Well, the uncontrollable farting is kind of funny.) However, my family and I have found that a combination of open frustration and frequent laughter is the only way to get through it.

My father is a comedian and satirist. He continues to make hilarious, obscene, inappropriate and shocking jokes even in the depths of despair and despondency.

The spirit of this campaign mirrors and pays homage to his spirit. I hope you won't take offence to its tone. I hope you will appreciate that laughter is truly a powerful medicine. (Especially when there's nowhere else to turn.)

And I hope that if you don't get it, well, that you 'go f**k yourself'. (Dad's words, not mine.)

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