Covid Relief - Lost Wages

Peter McCollum posted a new update:
10 months ago

Update #1

I've moved on from my previous workplace. Things were not going to work out, but for the moment online teaching jobs are available and I believe I have found a good one.

We are in the middle of applying for a SSN for our daughter. Since a few students have started coming back for tutoring, we were able to pay for the lengthy application process, as well as fix all my immigration paperwork for another year. Additionally, I will be paying the amount I owe to H&R Block this month.

We've found out that if our daughter's SSN is issued before the IRS deadline in October, we will be getting a modest refund. This could be a nice way to close out this challenging year.

I've taken a lower-paying job in exchange for less stress and nonsense. I was enjoying my previous job, but it was not going to last. We've learned to make the money go a lot farther, so I want everyone to know that we won't sink if people can't donate. The money at this point will simply go towards catching up with everything, and putting the money back in our daughter's savings that we've had to pull out.

Thanks to everyone who has helped in any way!


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