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Hi, my name is Jc.

I wouldn't normally go to this extent, but this is one of those times where I have very little options.

I am one of those affected by the Corona Virus lock down. As of the moment, my region is on lock down (for 1 month as of now), which means we are not allowed to go out (go to school or work) while we are under quarantine, except for buying necessities.

Just heard on the local news that if things get worse, our quarantine might last for 2 or 3 more months. Unfortunately, i am one of those "no work, no pay" workers.

So with that in mind, if any one needs something done which i can assist with remotely or thru the internet, please do consider me.

I'm open for anything, as long as it is legitimate.

I have experience in editing works (photo/audio/video), although nowhere close as to what professionals can do, i can certainly make the best out of it. (Also open for revisions!)

I can do data entry or research works.. or maybe a virtual assistant. I am open for literally anything i can do while on lock down. In case i get an offer to do something which im unable to do, or lack knowledge about, i will inform you right away.

I am also aware that some people might be in worse situations than i am, which is also why i wanna do work for you in return for the financial help, but donations are greatly, greatly appreciated.

My pledge is that if things kick off, more than what i need, then i wanna give it forward. Our health workers (Philippines) are lacking supplies, specially masks, alcohol and vitamins, so im thinking i can further share anything i make to them and post photos/videos as proof.

Hoping i can catch some help from anyone. Really badly need it.

For work:

Thanks so much!

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