Cooper's struggle

Cooper's struggle

From Day One Animal Rescue

I'm Cooper and I really need your help! I'm not even 1 year old yet but I'm having some big struggles and am begging my friends to help. My rescue humans say I need to see a Specialist and they need help to pay for it!

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My story in rescue started about 7 months ago when me and my sisters were surrendered as little puppies. I went to a foster home who eventually decided to adopt me, and I thought all was great!

 Several months later, I was walked back in to the rescue and left there with no explanation. I was happy to see my old rescue friends, but sad to lose my family. Since I've been back, my new foster parents and friends have noticed I've been struggling. They aren't exactly sure what's going on with me, and I can't really explain it to them. 

Most of the time I am happy-go-lucky, wiggley and kissy and just flat out loveable. Certain things though, fast movements, scary sudden noises, make me kind of panic and I act out. Last time it happened, I got into a fight with my foster doggy siblings, who I really do love. My foster parents worked with me for months, but my rescue friends talked with them, and they concluded that they needed to find some more "professional" help to get to the root of my troubles. I agree with them, I don't want to feel this way or do anything bad, but I need some help!

For the past 2 weeks I've been boarding at this friendly Animal Hospital, to be medically evaluated in a safe environment, but my rescue friends say it is very expensive.My rescue says they will do whatever they can to help me feel better, so on Thursday Sept 26th I have an appointment with a Behavioral Specialist. They are hoping this Special person can help figure out why certain things make me panic the way they do. They said this is also very expensive- $200 just for the first appointment- But they believe this is the road to take to really help me!So I'm begging you, kind humans, to please help my rescue friends out. They've done so much to help me since I was a little pup, and I know they are always tight on funds. If you could donate a little bit of money to help pay for my medical evaluation and boarding fees and Behavioral appointment, it would help my rescue family out so much!

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