Content Creating for a cause.

Content Creating for a cause.

From Joel Liew C K

Hi, my name is Joel and I'm raising funds to kickstart my passion.

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​​The Story

It has always been my believe that doing what you love with purpose and passion is what it means to truly live.

But unfortunately for the past few years, I was never able to achieve this and always ended up crashing.

I have two very conflicting passions. 

Firstly, is to be able to work full time for a Non-Profit organisation that advocates for human rights and also environmental awareness.

Second, is to work in the arts and digital media industry, which is my background. Yes, I am a graphic design student :).

For about 3 years, I worked for two NGOs, namely WWF Singapore and Dignity for Children Malaysia. I enjoyed my time there but was never able to fully utilize and grow in my creative design aspects. I wanted to do more, grow more in design, but never had the opportunity.

And then very recently, I joined an advertising company in hopes of achieving that growth. But by moving out of the NGO industry, I began to feel as if I have lost all purpose and meaning in what I do.

To be honest, I have never felt so lost and conflicted with the choices I made. I want to do good, but at the same time, pursue my passion.

So finally, I came up with a very hard and risky decision. I want to dedicate myself full time as a content creator while also supporting and growing a soon to be NGO which I have been with since my student days.

Here is how it works:..


(i) My channel will be producing various content via Youtube and livestreaming with topics on:

* Arts & Media design

* Gaming

* Travel

* Food

* Social Works

* And other things which I have plans to cover in the near future.

(ii) From what I earn through making content, 60% of those earnings will go towards the NGO (70 - 80% is also possible) while 40% goes towards sustaining my channel and me ofcourse.

(iii)To ensure that 60% of the support goes towards the NGO, I will be releasing 2 reports every year. Don't worry, it will be verified :)!

Links to the soon to be NGO's pages:

(Images during my active days with the project)

Articles about us:



The current goal is to establish the CP Union into a fully functional NGO that support underprivileged children via education and also advocate for environmental awareness.

With the funding from what my channel makes, I believe that I can help build this NGO from the ground up. And then, we will be able to function and do so much more.


The Timeline And Support

I plan to begin this project in about a year's time, and so in-between that, I will be planning both my content and finances. Living in Malaysia though, can be a real pain as we don't exactly get paid well, and also, our currency is terrible.

The funded amount here will certainly help me lighten some burden during my channel's infant stages and also, speed up the timeline of this project. I would definitely need all the help I can get.

Also, a portion of the funds collected here will be sent to aid the NGO and it's works. This isn't just for me!

I'll drop updates on how much has been set aside and used on the NGO's end to you guys :).

On a side note, I have also opened a Patreon page for people who want to support me continuously . All support from patreon will adapt the 40-60 split immediately.  I'm still working on Patreon gifts and benefits at the moment and will launch them soon!

If you have any further or sensitive questions to ask me, I am always open to answer them all :) -



My facebook

Just drop me a message ;).


So yeah, this is it! This is my dream! Not gonna lie, diving in full time scares me, but I want to do this! I believe that I can make a difference whilst doing something that I am truly passionate about.

If you like what you see and want to support my project, then I welcome the support wholeheartedly :)!

Fingers crossed! Hoping for the best, and last but not least, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for taking the time to read my hopes and dreams :).


Joel aka Limitgo

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