Comyn Hospitality, a Community for the homeless

Comyn Hospitality, a Community for the homeless

From Ian W Cumming

We are raising money to complete the engineering requirements for Comyn Hospitality, the tooling and molds for the Single and Double Pupas. The Pupa's are the main engineering effort, after will come vertical farm.

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My brother and I grew up in Tustin, CA with 3 older siblings from another father and eventually raised by our Step father John Reilly.   Growing up was not easy to say the least and we had to grow up fast if we did not want to get the belt.  

Jack and I did everything together, it was my job to look after my little brother and take care of him. I feel the same today as I did when I had the opportunity.  

Jack followed me into the military after high school becoming an MP, then became a civilian shortly after I got out.  Shortly after getting out I noticed my brothers personality changing and him trying to have these maniac conversations with me that could last hours.  I did not know at that time my brother was bipolar nor did I know that I was almost allergic to every food I had eating growing up.  To say the least parenting was not stellar and going to the Doctors was not something we did unless we needed to be sewn up.  

Jack got worse as I was pulling my life together, getting sober and dealing with the demons from our childhood.  Jack was not as fortunate as I, but even when he was at his worse he still encouraged me to follow the path before me.  Jack was truly blessed and an amazing man! Because of him and his encouragement I live today.. 

Jack begged me to become a Christian, to accept Christ into my heart and that one night will forever be burned into my minds eye.  He begged me like it was the only thing on Earth he would ask of me again. So I did and I live today to present Comyn Hospitality for the homeless.  The first decentralized crypto currency community that has been designed to give a hand up, not a hand out. 

Jack-o, I hope you are fortunate enough one day to live at a Comyn Hospitality Community that was inspired by you and your love for all of Gods Creation.   

All funds will be used to complete the engineering of Comyn Hospitality and pay for the molds for the Single and Double Pupa's. Mold cost will range from $125,000 - $500,000.  This is a one time cost and a million homes can be produced from these molds. 

I love and miss you brother,


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