Compelling Reasons-Cum-Benefits Of Having Temporary Mobile N

Compelling Reasons-Cum-Benefits Of Having Temporary Mobile N

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Spam messages and calls may annoy the receiver unnecessarily. Also, people prefer to keep their personal and professional lives separate, even on mobile phones. At times, things may get so perturbing that you would wish to take a break in any way. You can certainly do so by switching off the number whenever the need is without hampering other activities on the same mobile phone number. The feasible and helpful remedy comes out as having a temporary mobile number.

What is a non-virtual temporary number?

Before knowing the reasons, it is vital to know what this concept is all about. A non-virtual number is a contact number that is not linked to any physical address but extends the same benefits as a fixed VoIP number.

They may have a short or specific purpose that can be disposed of later. People have various reasons to get these numbers, and dedicated platforms make available these services with utmost security.

Why do people keep a non-virtual temporary number?

Phone verification serves a lot of benefits to people at large. From official to non-official purposes, a non-virtual provisional number can extend umpteen pros. Some of the common reasons people use a temporary mobile number are as follows:-

·         New Acquaintances- Everybody wants to build new relationships and friendships. One may meet someone new at a bar, gym, online chat room, etc. The usual next step is to exchange numbers. But one may be hesitant to share the personal number with a stranger. Hence, it would be easy to give them a non-personal contact first to get comfortable first before proceeding further.


·         Personal Space- Even family members or dear friends get annoyed when somebody's mobile phone keeps buzzing repeatedly. Receiving short projects work-related calls during family time or friends' reunion may get bothersome. A temporary mobile number keeps away the unwanted ringing of the phone by simply switching it off. One does not have to turn off the original number for personal communication.


·         OTP Needs- It is probably the most common use of such non-permanent numbers. Nowadays, almost all payment activities like shopping, food orders, utility bills, etc., need a verified OTP or One Time Password to ensure user identification. Giving your original number may invite spam promotional messages. Using a temporary mobile number would generate OTPs and prevent spamming.


·         SMS Marketing- Another useful point of these disposable numbers is that one can easily promote a business by maintaining personal contact numbers' privacy. Sending promotional messages via original number may invite unwanted revert, nagging strangers, non-serious buyers, repeated ringing, etc. On the other hand, a provisional number will serve the marketing purpose without any personal hassles.

These are ample benefits of having a non-virtual number for similar short-lived situations. It helps to keep up with one's discretion. People do not prefer to go through the strenuous verification formalities for obtaining a temporary mobile number. Thankfully, some genuine companies provide non-virtual numbers for fulfilling such short purposes while maintaining safety and secrecy.


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