An app which renders prejudice and violence meaningless.

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An app which renders prejudice and violence meaningless.

From Alek Balos

Wise Civilian & Cop is an app designed to end prejudice and violence between civilians and cops.

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Wise Cilivilan &  Cop is an app designed to end violent encounters between civilians and cops.  No traditional field training or problem-solving seems to eradicate violence and unjustifiable deaths inflicted by cops. 


By demonstrating that our current perception and understanding of ourselves and others is contradictory to how everyone exists. 


Because our senses are lying to us and we don't know it.


Our senses show us that all humans possess their own-existence (own-self).  Most of us never questioned the validity and accuracy of this ordinary perception and understanding.

Will this app do that? 

Yes. It will challenge your senses of perception and understanding and give you an opportunity to see people how they truly exist versus how they appear to exist to our senses. 

How inaccurate are our senses? 

All humans share the same self/being/existence. Every human is not somebody else, but you.


There is no science or logic that can disprove this argument. Science and logic cannot prove that what our senses tell us is another human being is another human being, beyond the concept "another human". 

However, that same science and logic prove that all human beings share the same self/being/existence, but our senses are unable to perceive. They prove irrefutably that every person shares the same self with you.

So, beyond the concept "another human being", that person is not another person, but you too. We name everything for convenience, so, yes, in concepts such as "another" and "you," there is another and you, but both are the same self. 

This is the ultimate argument against violance, making any act of violence an act against yourself. 

With this simple app, we are striving to give Police and Civilians more reasons to be compassionate towards each other.

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