Companies with Online Donation Requests

Companies with Online Donation Requests

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In today’s world, you will come across many companies that donate money to a worthy cause. Such an initiative enables the company to give back to the community and donate money to enhance the overall development of society.

So, in this article, let’s check out the companies with online donation requests. Once you visit the website, you either have to claim a donation package or fill out an online form to send a donation request.


Google accepts donations from employees for disaster relief through its matching gift program. The organization also raises funds through charitable events in which the employees actively participate. On the other hand, the company also donates $10 every hour once the working professionals volunteer for events. To check out how everything works, you need to check the website. 


Apple has always been successful in raising a considerable sum of money through its matching gift program. As far as the donation is concerned, it can go up to $10,000 for every employee. Besides, the company also offers a volunteer grant program for helping non-profits. While there’s no minimum limit, Apple employees must keep track of their volunteer hours and request grants through a website. 

Best Buy

Through the years, Best Buy has always offered a volunteer grant program apart from the donation requests from the community. As soon as the employees gather together, they are eligible to request grants. To enhance technological literacy, Best Buy also engages itself in philanthropic giving. While the company supports non-profit organizations, it offers an opportunity for teenagers to improve their skills. But, to gain funds, the non-profits must clear the online grant eligibility quiz.


As time passed by, the IT organization Microsoft has always been successful in raising 2 million dollars every day. The company believes that technology is capable of enhancing productivity and collaboration. Once a company embraces technology, it can offer various communities non-profit services. Moreover, the IT company has also provided Office 365 donations to many non-profits. The initiative involves offering Office 365 to non-profits at a specific discount.

Let’s Roam

The Let’s Roam Foundation is always more than happy to give back to non-profit companies and charitable firms. These funds later help to enhance the development of communities in some ways. Eligible non-profits can expect an in-kind philanthropic donation. As the entire team of Let’s Roam loves to support non-profits, the donation package can be more than $300.


Costco has always focused on raising funds to support education and various services. Furthermore, an individual will have to choose a way of donating money. While warehouse donations are for small charities, an individual has to fill up an online form for large charities. In 2020, Costco gave $48 million to disaster relief. They also successfully raised funds for local companies with the help of the grant program. 


This megastore was earlier a grocery store based in Arkansas. But, after a certain period, Sam Walton decided to uplift the local communities across the nearby regions. The Walmart Foundation gives around $1 billion every year to community projects. According to the sources, the team also donates 600 million pounds of food annually. Until 2040, the brand will also be offering $2 billion annually to develop environmentally friendly solutions.


Publix is nothing but a grant program that focuses on the development of the youth and driving away hunger. Presently, non-profits can apply for funds through a donation request form, and such organizations can receive the funds in regions that Publix serves. Today, Publix has been the leading corporate donor to the United Way and donated more than $20 million to Super Market Charities. 


To sum up, you will observe many companies accepting online donation requests. These companies include Google, Apple, Best Buy, Walmart, and Microsoft. Costco and Let’s Roam also develop initiatives that can help raise funds for non-profits. Publix is yet another brand that focuses on enhancing youth development. Charity Safaris also offers hunting packages as a donation to many non-profits. The team works closely with auctioneers, and the team provides the winner with every kind of resource to make the hunting trip memorable.

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