Community for Animals and Monks

Community for Animals and Monks

From Umberto Censi

Support an innovative Christian Vegan community for animals and human with a new vision of a world where every animal has a decent place to live.Help a restoration of ancient village for animals !

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Our Mission

We try to speak on behalf of the 50 million Christian vegans and vegetarians. Our mission:- spread the vision of a vegan Jesus;- to educate young people and adults about veganism with targeted and experimental learning programs;- to spread Italian vegan cuisine;- organize conferences and conventions on veganism and the environment;- do studies of medicine applied to veganism;- develop a meeting point where vegans, vegetarians and those interested can find answers and many ideas for exchange and learning;- to teach to youngs reality about animals.

The Project

Angels Monastery is a monastery for animals and human, a very innovative project by Orthodox monks with an international volunteer program. We are rebuilding a 17th century village near Turin, in northern Italy, in a beautiful natural park, where hunting is forbidden.Our goal is to change the lives of the people and animals we serve, as well as the lives of the volunteers.

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Our monastery is not a typical monastic community as you can imagine. It is an international point of reference: we are the only Christian vegan monastery in the world. There are no other vegan monasteries in the Orthodox or Catholic Church. For this reason we are at the center of a great deal of attention and hundreds of people come to see us every day and we continuously give strong messages. We are restoring a village in the middle of a forest near Turin, north Italy. It is a special place, near a Buddhist monastery, next to a crystal clear river and therefore with great energy. We are famous for the teaching of the Hesychasm which is a meditation similar to the Buddhist but clearly of Christian origin. We teach the knowledge of ourselves and the encounter with God. We teach the respect of animals and how to live with them. We teach respect for the climate and our monastery will be 100% energetically independent and we will produce our vegetables all year by hydroponic greenhouses. The animals will be with us, and will be about 400.

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We need funds for the restoration of the first phase: this will allow the start of the project.


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