5G-6G LTE Network- The faster, The better..

5G-6G LTE Network- The faster, The better..

From Claudia Marquez

Hi, I am seeking the funding amount of $150,000 to assist with the launching of our new 5G and 6G LTE Network. The funding will be used to develop our new network infrastructure and the purchase of equipment. Thank you

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Did you know that 39 percent of rural Americans and businesses lack access to high-speed broadband, compared to 4 percent of the urban Americans? 

The internet that rural Americans can access is slower and more expensive than it is for their urban counterparts. And to add insult to injury, the rural population generally earns less than those in urban areas. 

Big broadband providers focuses more on densely populated and profitable areas of the country, delivering gigabit speed broadband -- which more often than not, it is only one provider but from multiple companies. The advent of 5G wireless promises to bring increased speeds and network responsiveness, is also unlikely to reach rural communities. But that's until now!!!

We have found a solution to all of their problems. We have found a way to provide 5G high speed internet services to rural areas and industrial businesses at a affordable cost, but here's the challenge.. Without having enough capital to create and complete the network build out, 39 percent will go without communication.

That's why we need your help! Help us change the way that rural communities, water plants, and industrial business communicate with one another and let's all stay connected.

So please join us and support us, and help change the way that we communicate.

Faster is better.. we'll see you at the finish line.

Thanks in advance!

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