Common Signs You Need A Commercial Roof Replacement

Common Signs You Need A Commercial Roof Replacement

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It’s difficult for building owners and managers to know where to start when they potentially need a commercial roof replacement, but it’s important to understand just how integral your roofing system is for your building’s future and that it’s on you to protect it. Sometimes protecting your building’s roofing system means starting from scratch and replacing a portion or the entirety of your existing roof.

Of course no one is consistently examining the integrity of their roofing system, which is why many issues tend to go by unseen for far too long. We’ve teamed up with the commercial roofing experts at Castro Roofing to support us in our efforts to develop this list of common signs that indicate you may need a replacement, so take it from the pros in that this is what you should on the lookout for!

1. Bubbling

There are many different types of membrane style roofs that end up becoming prone to bubbling, which is also called roof blistering. This refers to bubbles or blisters forming underneath your roof’s membrane, and this is usually caused by trapped air or moisture that result from poor ventilation or installations. Many areas with extreme temperature fluctuations will also be more prone to this type of roofing issue.

2. Damaged Flashing or Pitch Pans

Pitch pans refer to any kind of metal sleeving that’s placed around a roof protrusion, and they function as a line of defense for keeping water out of your commercial building.

Flashing is the roofing tool that helps divert water away from specific parts of your roof, and this typically includes roof features like chimneys, skylights and dormers. They function much like pitch pans in that they are a defense system against water.

So when your flashing and/or pitch pans become damaged, they may potentially lead to protrusions and leaks. Most of these leaks will be really slow and potentially unnoticeable, which is why maintenance checks are always really important for your building’s roofing system.

3. Tears Or Holes In The Roof Membrane

There are countless buildings out there that have important equipment like generator systems and HVAC units on their roof, and these specialized appliances require routine maintenance just like your roofing system. When these types of appliances are installed and maintained, there will inevitably be possibilities for punctures and tears in your roofing membrane.

That’s why you should always inspect your roof after work is done on your rooftop equipment!

4. Roof Rot

Roof rot is also referred to as dry rot, and it’s a major sign that there’s some serious issues occurring within your roofing system. This major issue is generally caused by standing water resting on a flat rooftop, because over time the standing water will break down the roof membrane and cause all sorts of serious structural damages.

That’s why you should always on the lookout for sagging, water stains, discoloration and membrane cracks when you’re examining your building’s roof. This is of course a very serious roofing problem that generally requires extensive repairs and/or replacements.

5. Storm Damage

The unfortunate truth about your commercial roofing system is that it’ll never be storm proof. There’s all sorts of extreme weather patterns like snow, hail, wind and sleet that can damage a roof. What’s worse about severe weather is that it can in fact blow all sorts of debris onto your roof that then can create many other serious issues.

The main way to prevent storm damage to your roof is to conduct regular inspections and maintenance checkups. This is specifically important if you live in an area that experiences seasonal hail storms, and you should always put your trust in experienced roofing specialists when you experience serious storm damages.

Reach Out To Commercial Roof Replacement Specialists To Learn More!

There’s a lot that building owners and managers need to keep in mind when it comes to their roofing system, and it’s always a bummer when you in fact need to invest in a commercial roof replacement.

But the good news is that this type of investment will last your for many years if not decades to come, and you can learn more about commercial roofing maintenance and replacements by speaking to the experts at Castro Roofing via the link at the top of the blog!

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