Common problems with e-cigarettes

Common problems with e-cigarettes

From Mathew Philip

Sometimes replacing the resistor also fixes this type of problem.

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Every vaper has ever run into problems with their electronic cigarette, in most cases these little problems have an easy solution. We are going to tell you in this article some solutions to the most frequent problems that usually occur with vapers and more if you bought one in direct vapes.

Why is liquid leaking from my e-cigarette?

Sometimes when we go to vape we realize that it loses liquid, either through the mouthpiece, or through any of the cracks in our cigar. This can be due to multiple reasons that can be easily avoided in the vast majority of cases. Here are some of the most common causes why our electronic cigarette loses liquid and tips to solve it.

Incorrectly filling the electronic cigarette with vaper liquid

One of the most common causes of the liquid coming out of the electronic cigarette is that the vaping user pours the liquid directly through the hole in the mouthpiece, instead of unscrewing it and doing it through the hole it has for it. In this way, the liquid usually escapes through the lower part of the clearomizer or tank, or through the air regulation slot. Always unscrew the nozzle and pour the liquid through the hole that is free. If in doubt, follow the instructions that should accompany your electronic cigarette.

Another common reason why liquid leaks from the tank is that the vaping user fills the tank with too much liquid, above the fill indicator mark. If it is overfilled, when the resistance is inserted, the liquid overflows or floods the suction tube, leaving it from the bottom. That is why it is always important to fill in as far as the mark indicates and never exceed it. Another reason may also be that the resistance is not correctly tightened or the tank is not properly closed.

Other reasons why your cigarette can leak e-liquid

Sometimes small drops also come out of the nozzle, this is due to condensation and is normal in most models. To solve this you can turn your electronic cigarette upside down and press the power button for a few seconds, to extract the condensed liquid. You can wipe the liquid residue on the nozzle with a napkin and it is ready to use again. Models like eGo AIO have nozzles with a spiral interior, which prevents the drops from escaping.

If you still cannot make the liquid stop coming out, it is recommended to open the tank of the clearomizer or atomizer, unscrew everything, including the resistance, and clean everything very well before reassembling it. Sometimes replacing the resistor also fixes this type of problem.

It should also be taken into account that the fact that a little liquid comes out of the nozzle is normal in many models, it would only be guaranteed if the liquid leakage is abundant and as long as it is not due for one of the reasons mentioned above. . In the case of Overheating It is also possible that the liquid starts to come out if the electronic cigarette overheats too much, the liquid becomes very porous, or less dense and can be filtered from the resistance to the air outlet. The user is recommended to wait a little for it to cool down before continuing to use their vaper purchased from directvapes.

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