Coming Home

Coming Home

From Robert Russell

The purpose of this fundraiser is so that I can get help to move home to England to be with my girlfriend and start our life together. The costs of moving expenses, travel, visa and securing an apartment.

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Have you ever met someone & you instantly knew there is an irreplaceable & a once in a lifetime connection with them? 

Approximately one year ago I met my girlfriend Mandy online and we instantly had that connection.  It didn't take long for us to realize that we were soulmates and meant to find each other.  We fell more than in love with each other and as the days turned into weeks, we decided that it was time to move forward towards planning our life together.  2020 was a year in which no one will ever forget, myself included.  For most, it became a year of negativity anger and confusion as the Corona Virus swept the World.  For me, time stopped and nothing in the Universe existed except for Mandy.  

Now before anyone gets too hung up on the "oh it's such a cliche~", and "it sounds like something out of a Nicholas Sparks book."  I can assure it's everything described above and so much more.  

Now, imagine dating someone and not being able to hug them, kiss them, hold them and express physically your love for them.  We do everything together that couples would normally do from day to day routines, have dates, watch films, eat together, share a tea or coffee, even fall asleep together.  The difference for us is that we do this thousands of miles and an Ocean apart all while dealing with this quarantine and virus via Facebook video chat and zoom meetings.  I even serenade her sometimes with some music and play guitar for her, sing to her, write her songs and she crafts and decorates and involves me in events, outings, holidays.  We do absolutely everything together and have done it this way for almost an entire year.  Long-distance relationships are hard enough, but add a pandemic, quarantine, an Ocean, living in two different countries and 5 hour time difference into the mix.  We feel Relationships aren't built on the same morals and values that they use to be and people tend to take trivial things for granted in modern society.  As many relationships tend to fail, ours only grows stronger and we have built a solid foundation on which to start our life together.  

Financially though, unfortunately college debt has left us both limited when it comes to achieving our overall goal, which is for me to move home to England to start our life and journey together.  I've worked extremely hard in order to get to where I'm at and I did research on the cost of what is needed for me to get home.  $5,000 is all that remains between us and being together finally.  Although it doesn't seem like a lot of money to most people, it's too much to handle for us at the moment as bills, current living costs and college debt have made it extremely difficult to obtain.  I'm currently classed as homeless and I'm staying with a friend that was only supposed to be temporary during my wait to move home to England. 

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