Colors of the Rainbow Pilot Funding

Colors of the Rainbow Pilot Funding

From Andrew Carlson

I'm raising money to create a new animated series called Colors of the Rainbow, about 8 friends (who are colors) living their lives in Dathanna (their home) Any donations will go towards paying my VAs, animators, etc.

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Hi! My name is Andrew and I am a Youtuber, content creator, and owner of upcoming production company, Court Jester Productions! This campaign is for Colors of the Rainbow, an animated series that I've had in the works since August of 2020. It's set in a world of personified colors and centers on eight best friends, who are the eight colors of the rainbow, living their lives in the city of Dathanna. By donating to this project, you will be helping me create my very first animated series, a medium that I've been passionate about for the longest time now, and with your help, I'll be making one of my own.

Realistically speaking, we'll be needing roughly about 20,000$ USD to make this happen.  Every penny of this will be going to our voice actors, animators, artists, writers, etc. Now, even if we don't reach our goal, I will still be using the earnings we've received towards the VAs and art/animation team.

We're all aware of the nightmare last year was and even some of this year. We were ostracized from our friends, our family, jobs were lost, the world changed as we knew it and we had to adapt quickly. But something I've learned in my life is that laughter truly is the best medicine, be it the biggest laugh or the tiniest chuckle, your spirits raise after having a good laugh. And even though we're on the steps to putting this virus behind us, I wanna give people something they can watch and just forget about the troubles of their day for a little while by watching these wonderful characters.

The only risk we face is not hitting our goal by the deadline, and even then, I have backup plans set up. If we don't reach our goal, I have a Patreon, a Ko-Fi, and a RedBubble set up so we'll still be making money either way.

If you can't donate at all, that's totally fine! You can still help out the project by sharing the link to the project around, be it on Twitter, Discord, Facebook, just try to get the word out there!

Thank you all so much for reading and hopefully, we'll see you on Youtube with our very first show. Have a wonderful day and stay creative!

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