Colorado Freedom Fund

Colorado Freedom Fund

From Elisabeth Epps

Founded in 2018, Colorado Freedom Fund (CFF) is a revolving fund that pays ransom (posts money bond, pays cash bail) for people unable to afford the cost of buying their own freedom. #FreeThemAll #BringOurNeighborsHome

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Elisabeth Epps posted a new update:
4 months ago

Update #1

Dear Friends, thank you.

Last night was another difficult night of peaceful protest met with police terror in Denver, just as is the case in so many other cities shaken by the killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. In Denver and nationwide we continue to endure militarized police forces inflicting upon civilians the same sorts of excessive use of force that they used to kill Ms. Taylor and Mr. Floyd.

We at the Colorado Freedom Fund (CFF) received some requests for bail assistance and expect to continue to do so, but I can't yet say what that looks like financially. My expectation is that folks charged with many "minor" offenses will be released without bond, and as for folks facing more serious charges, we will of course help as needed as much as we can.

CFF has been actively working to Bring Our Neighbors Home through the COVID-19 pandemic and otherwise. We do this both by paying ransom directly as well as working for systemic policy change at the local and state level. Although the 2020 legislative session was suspended and our bills interrupted, we are already preparing our 2021 legislative priorities.

Just as we did in 2018 and 2019, again this May we hosted a Mother's Day Bail Out and we will do the same next month for Father's Day/Juneteenth. And again, CFF will of course continue to pay bond (money bail) for folks arrested during protests just as we do for our neighbors accused of myriad other offenses, all who share the sad commonality of being unable to afford cash bond.

Thank you for your generosity that enables us to do this work. On we press. #FreeThemAll

P.S. Many of you already know Eva Frickle, my indefatigable co-Director at Colorado Freedom Fund. That's Eva in the picture, there to buy freedom outside the Denver cage.

P.P.S. On a personal note, last night cops shot and destroyed my phone as I was live-streaming. I am completely fine; my phone is not. So while I was never good at texting, please forgive me for being even worse than ever, until I replace the phone.

P.P.P.S. Keep up with CFF on Twitter ( and Facebook ( Although we are not yet super active with updating this page or our website, we do very regularly post CFF updates on Twitter (me) and Facebook (Eva).

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Anonymous commented with a $35 donation:
about 18 hours ago
I just noticed how much money we've raised as a community. Puts a smile on my face. All Power to the People!
Tamara Carlin commented with a $10 donation:
4 days ago
Friend of Jessica Campbell-Swanson
Danielle Loeb commented with a $250 donation:
5 days ago
For Aurora protestors
Suzannah KeeHotay commented with a $50 donation:
5 days ago
For the six activists arrested today for peacefully protesting
Martha Lugo commented with a $35 donation:
5 days ago
Power to the people!
Dani Brunet commented with a $50 donation:
5 days ago
Fight the good fight!
Anonymous commented with a $20 donation:
5 days ago
Elisabeth, you’re incredible!
Anonymous commented with a $500 donation:
5 days ago
Free PSL.
Eliot Sill commented with a $10 donation:
5 days ago
Shoutout to that Seattle racist for getting me to do this. ON WE PRESS.
Haitham Badr commented:
6 days ago
hi my name is Haytham from Egypt..I'm trying to raise some money for my case..I'm looking for somebody to help me passing finical crisis ..c
Katy & Bryan K-G commented with a $25 donation:
8 days ago
Thank you!!
Lindsey Floyd commented with a $439 donation:
8 days ago
This is the donation from 60 shirts sold through the #NoMoreNames fundraiser. Thank you for all you do! I am a big fan.
Carly Dahl commented with a $100 donation:
9 days ago
In honor of my wonderful Coloradan cousin Kate on her birthday. Happy bday, Kate! You are an astoundingly strong, kind, warm, & loved human.
Wendy Scott commented with a $40 donation:
10 days ago
Thank you!
Jessica Morgan commented with a $50 donation:
13 days ago
In honor of Buddhist Grandma
Grace Phillips commented with a $35 donation:
14 days ago
Happy Birthday Claire!
Liz Camerer commented with a $10 donation:
17 days ago
For Eric
LearnedLeague LLC commented with a $40 donation:
18 days ago
In honor of Lawrence Delino.
Anonymous commented with a $10 donation:
18 days ago
From Karla Garcia’s donation class!
Carrie Murphy commented with a $50 donation:
18 days ago
Thanks for all you do! This donation can go to anything your non-profit needs:operations or bail funds or anything in between.