College Tuition Funding: Help A College Senior Graduate!

College Tuition Funding: Help A College Senior Graduate!

From Veronica Williams

I'm raising money for tuition at UT Martin & Jackson State Community College. I'm 6 credits short from graduating from UT Martin, & JSCC has some online courses that count towards graduating.

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Hello to all, my name is Veronica W. I am a non-traditional adult college student. I write poetry in my free time, and have self-published a few bodies of work. I'm currently in my senior year of college (in pursuit of a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies), but I have run into a predicament--I can no longer afford to attend.

I am six credits short from graduating from UT Martin, and Financial Aid does not support part-time students. If I add extra classes to my load, I can more than likely get funded--at the cost of paying for extra classes and also having said classes be marked as excess.

Each class at UT Martin goes in seasonal shifts, so classes available in the Winter may not be available in the Spring, and some that are only available in the Fall. I am short one Math Credit, one Communications credit, and one Science credit.

Instead of waiting, I decided to attend Jackson State Community College that has classes with transferrable credits, so that once the classes at UT Martin are available (ones that I need), all I have to do is reapply and have said credits applied towards graduation. In the end, all I'd have to do is take my science course and my exit exam.

Since I have been a student for so long, with my journey starting way back in 2003--I am no longer eligible for the Pell Grant. Since I am between jobs, taking out a loan would also be a bad move. I've signed up for as many scholarships as possible, hoping for a ray of financial light to get me through these last few classes. In all honesty, I just want to graduate and depart from the shame of being so old and not having that piece of paper. I've compared myself to friends and family for so long, harming my journey through the years. Yet once I was accepted into UT Martin, I found that I was able to apply myself and know the greatness of my own worth.

I spent a lot of time in my youth thinking that this journey would be straightforward. I didn't realize that becoming a temporary caregiver for my grandmother, or having to work through my own self-esteem issues would make the journey harder. I have been to quite a few schools (5), and vowed not to make a career out of being a student. I've come so far, and to stop now would crush me completely.

Lack of college education in today's society presents limitations when it comes to the kinds of jobs a person may obtain. In my wildest dreams, I want to be a writer and poet. In the real world, I need a degree to get an entry-level job to support myself. I currently live with immediate family, and a college degree is my ticket to a better life. It's tough competing for hourly wages in a town where few are hiring. I had an amazing job with a family friend, but unfortunately, my asthma prevented me from working there any longer. My education is all I have left.

I understand it's sketchy and a little strange to consider helping out a stranger, which is why I ask anyone reading to signal boost if they'd rather not donate. My dreams are but one of many in this world in pursuit of busting poverty to make something of myself. I only ask that you consider donating today. Anything is a help!

Your contributions will be used in the following ways:

  • To pay for 1 class at JSCC (Math), which costs $2332
  • To pay for 2 classes at UT Martin (Speech/Communications & Geology), costing $2400
  • Paying for books and digital necessities (such as MyMathLab)

Since the Financial Aid office has told me these are estimates, I can't give exact amounts. Based on what I owed previously, this is as close as I can estimate.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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