College is Calling My Name

College is Calling My Name

From Nina Nichols

I am raising money to help go twards college tuition. I’m a tiny-town girl who has been accepted and given a once-in-lifetime chance to study at an elite performing arts school in Los Angles. This is my dream come true!

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I am from a small town in Ohio. After graduating high school, I had decided to take a year off for personal reasons, along with I wasn’t too sure on what I wanted to study. In my heart had always been a pull towards musical theatre, I fell in love with it all after my first show my sophomore year. I was always discouraged to try to go to college for performing arts, and at one point I believe them. One day it clicked and I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do. I didn’t care what anyone else had to think. Right away, I started my hunt for colleges with good musical theatre programs. On Playbill’s top ten list of colleges represented on broadway right now, I came across AMDA. I looked up the school and immediately fell in love. I had such wonderful vibes through my phone about the school. I assumed it would be difficult to get it, they have a 29% acceptance rate which is insanely small. I took my chance though and sent in my application. In February I auditioned in a town luckily close to home, and thought I did about average on my audition. To be honest I didn’t think they liked me at all! A month later, I had received an email stating I had gotten accepted into AMDA’s BFA program for Musical Theatre. I couldn’t believe it!! I had to go back and re-read it to make sure I saw that right. I screamed. I had gotten into my top school of choice! And the funny thing is, not one other school has accepted me! But my top choice did! I have been beyond ecstatic. I cannot wait to attend! 

Where this comes into play, however, is the fact I had not known before hand I would not have anyone to co-sign for me to get the private student loans I need. I completed my federal financial aid and they cut my tuition down to about half. I still have a large remaining balance of over 20k, and their payment plan options are just a little out of range for me. So my only option is to raise the money myself. I have been on the hunt like crazy for scholarships and grants, and hopefully I get granted a good amount through those. In the meantime, I hate to reach out to people like this and ask for help, but I am hoping you all can see this is my DREAM. 

Taking a gap year from high school, I have gone absolutely crazy from being stuck in this small town. I am beyond ready to be free from my house and this town, and to travel and explore on my own, and what better place to do it than Hollywood?! I have been depressed from being here and so lonely whilst everyone I know is gone at college. ALL I want to do is go to school and to be on my own and to learn what I love everyday. 

Being accepted into AMDA is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am only allowed to audition once for the school, so it’s not like I can wait a year.   I will NEVER get the opportunity to study at such an elite school like this ever again. This is my dream. I know without a doubt going to this school will help me find my happiness again, where I know I will definitely thrive and bloom. 

And believe me, I am strong supporter of the idea that if this is something I want, I need to do alone. But the reality is this is so much to ask a 19 year old to do on their own. I would not mind if I had another chance to go, but I don’t. This is my one chance to go to the school or my dreams. From a no-name town, to Hollywood and Los Angleles learning from working professionals. Any bit of a donation and support will not be under appreciated. I promise to work my tail off and to not disappoint everyone. 

I believe this is where God wants me to go. I had such a wonderful feeling from the start with this school, and they just so happened to be the only one who’s accepted me. Crazy, right?! I truly believe I am meant to go here, but I just need a bit of help getting there! I already work two jobs and doing the best I can to make money on the side, it’s just not enough for me to do it alone. 

Any little bit helps, and I promise I won’t let you guys down! 

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