College Fundraiser

College Fundraiser

From Angela, Johnson

I am raising money for my granddaughter, who will be going to college soon , due to hardship I can't afford to give her the supplies that she's going to desperately need so that she can get off on a good start, Pleas...

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19, Years ago, our beautiful Journey,) instantly crept into our hearts and lives. I will never forget the absolute joy of (GOD) blessing. I know right then my life will never be the same.The years have flown by! No longer a little girl, she has blossomed into a sweet, kind, caring young lady who loves Jesus Christ, with all of her heart and cares deeply about people.  She’s incredibly smart and works hard—pouring her whole heart into all that she does. Journey, is tenacious and always willing to be a blessing to anyone who needs a helping hand.

I am so blessed to call this precious young lady my Grand- daughter, and  so proud of the person she is becoming.  No words can ever express my gratitude to (God) blessing.

Wow. I mean, seriously, wow. You truthfully have something to be proud of. Look back on your life; at times, it have been difficult and you have faced challenges which you never thought you would survive, but you did survive. So far, you have done so many things that others have never done.....Because of your love for (Cats Rescue foundations) Volunteer Work with the Elderly, Online Free Clothes Closet, Young Life,and several school Clubs.

You should be more than proud of yourself. You have an amazing big heart... many people don't know these things about you, and how much you want to work towards making this world a better place for Humanity. You're very modest young lady that don't like attention on your self. You didn't succumbed to peer pressure and you always pushed yourself to be the best version of yourself.

You have surrounded yourself with successful people who are chasing their goals and dreams while encouraging you to do the same for yourself. You have an incredible support system and you try your best to be supportive to others in your life.

You haven't allowed yourself to make up excuses not to succeed. You have done things that might have scared others, like learning to drive, you might have been extremely scared at first, but you will succeeded, and you are doing something that so many people have never done before because of their own fear.

Thank you for never choosing the bad route in life, because in all honesty, the bad route in life was handed to you on a silver plate, but you resisted with dignity and you became who you are today.

Thank you for always trying your hardest, no matter how tired and defeated you may be, you for always up for even though you don't want to. And thank you for always following your intuition. You might not feel successful at times, but you are successful and the success will only continue to grow.

Thank you for looking to God, when times might be hard. Thank you for always being kind and respectful toward your grandparents, and your parents,family,and friends fora reasons you are who you are today.

Thank you for taking the negative words that others had to say about you and use those words as motivation to prove each and every one of those people wrong. You should truthfully be so proud yourself. YOU don't give yourself enough credit for all you do and all you continue to do. YOU have so much to be proud of. YOU deserve to know and understand how successful of a person you are. Whatever YOU choose to do in life, continue to be the best version of yourself, continue to follow your intuition, continue to confide in God when times are rough, and continue to be yourself no matter what people may say about you.

YOU are going to go very far in life, and that is something that YOU must never lose sight of your dreams and your goals.

Your struggle with (ADAD) has been difficulty, the fear of being called on by teacher was paralyzing and made you act out and have panic attacks. I remember your fourth grade year, you came home from school upset, You explained too your mom, and me how your math teacher berated you because she thought you was being careless when you accidently reversed numbers. You spect countless hours frustrated but well-meaning adults who want to help you but just thought you wasn't trying hard enough. All of these experience sent you the message that you wasn't good enough. You provided them wrong you worked to provide that you are not disabled just different. Having that attitude it what protected you through youth, I pray that it helps you doing your adult life. because you are different my love, you're like no other. You are one in a million. Go into the world and Shine, shine, shine, my love.

“Go into the world and do well. But most importantly go and do good.

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