College Balance

College Balance

From Tierney Denise

I currently have a balance on my college account that I need help paying so that I can return to Nursing school in the Fall 2021.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my situation/story. My name is Tierney. I'm currently a sophomore in college. I got accepted into Nursing school in May 2020. Nursing school was supposed to start August 24 but because of the virus, they pushed the date to August 17,2020. Two days before Nursing school (August 15, 2020) I ended up getting sick. On the start date of Nursing school (August 17) I still wasn't feeling any better and ended up hospitalized. Ended up being severely dehydrated and sinus tachycardia. I was vomiting non-stop and lost more than 20 pounds. I weigh about 96 pounds but dropped all the way down to 72 pounds within 2 days because I couldn't force myself to eat nor hold anything down. I notified my school of the hospitalization and was told that they didn't care. They just wanted me in Nursing school each and everyday. They literally do not care if you've been a car wreck or anything. The Nursing professor have the right to fail you if you miss 2 or more days no matter your circumstance. After being released from the hospital, I still wasn't feeling too good so I ended up having to drop my nursing courses. The same week (week of August 17) that I started school I dropped the classes and by the second week (August 28) I received a call from one of the Nursing advisors whom wanted to know why I hadn't been attending the classes after I had already sent documentation showing I had been hospitalized and still wasn't feeling well. I informed her that I had already dropped those classes and asked why was I added back into those classes when I had already dropped them. She told me not to worry about it and to just go back into my account and drop them again and reapply. Now there's a balance showing on my account that I must have paid off before two weeks. If you can help in anyway that you can, please do so. 

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