Coles Fearless fight

Coles Fearless fight

From Nikki Lorenzo

My little boy Cole 3 months old is currently in the out of hospital. He has BWS it’s a overgrowth of body parts. There is NO cure!!!

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Thank you to everyone who donated & shared our story . I’m in tears with the generosity these last 3 months have been extremely hard for this sweet little boy who is currently sick and in and out of the hospital! The family also has 3 little girls as well. The dad hasn’t accumulated time off as he just started a new job. Please continue to share our story with others.

I'm here to tell you the story of the Lorenzo family. I hold them very close to my heart. This family NEVER ask for help. They are a family that gives to all when needed. A strong family. Nicole and Michael have 4 beautiful children.  3 girls Mya, Zoey, Leah, They were then gifted a very special little boy Cole. Right now the family is treading on water.  So I'm here asking those to please help this family. Any amount little or big will help.Please help me make their story known by sharing to your family, friends, and the world.                 Michael is a vet, served this country for  3 years, while serving he was injured. After  he was a Correctional officer for 12 years. He then tried to start his own company to pull more money to care for his growing family, the outcome was not what they expected. Now since starting a new career he hasn’t earned time off yet to be with his loving family, nor be at Cole's hospital bed side. which is a hour drive into Boston.  Nicole is out of work so she can care for her children at home and be there for Cole 100%.                                                  While Nicole was carrying Cole the family faced a lot of heartbreaking news during her pregnancy.  Her water broke 3 months early,spent 1 week in the hospital away from her family. trying to stop labor. ran the household from her hospital bed, and on September 15 2019, she gave birth to baby Cole weighing 4lbs. and 3oz.  You see Cole was born with Omphalocele( his intestines outside of his stomach). which caused him to be in NICU for a while. he was not even a full 2 days old when he underwent surgery to correct the issue. BUT that was not the end.  During a doctor's check up, the family was told little Cole has Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome. Found in a genetic test. THERE IS NO CURE!               Now  Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome is a condition that affects many parts of the body. ... Other major features of this condition include abnormally large abdominal organs (visceromegaly), creases or pits in the skin near the ears, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) in infancy, and kidney abnormalities. Overgrowth of one side or one part of the body (hemihypertrophy/hemihyperplasia)) An enlarged tongue (macroglossia). for more info,              After 49 days in the NIC the family was very happy that baby Cole was able to go home.They had a long road ahead of them. Not shortly after Cole was back in the hospital, he was having a hard time breathing and belly pain.  This little boy is such a fighter only being 3 months so far has undergone 3 surgeries. He keeps getting hernias, and having a hard time breathing, and eating due to his tongue that has outgrown his little body. soon he will be getting a G-tube, to help with feedings. He sees the doctors at least 3 times a week. Gas is not cheap, its about $40.00 for the family to fill up every time Cole needs to be seen or cared for at Boston hospital. He has been sent home with the medical machines to somewhat help him out.  But he is not in the clear just yet, This BRAVE little boy will face lots of challenges  as the days, weeks ,month and years go by.   Shortly after christmas Cole will undergo lots of weekly testing and more surgeries, Every day Cole gets a little bit stronger. THIS FAMILY FIGHTS TOGETHER!!!   No child deserves to suffer, all children deserve to live and make this world a better place!

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