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Domino needs help!

Withing the last 48 hours, our little girl has changed from an energetic puppy, always getting into trouble and chasing the kids around to a slow moving, lethargic little lump. She has stopped barking, stopped playing, and stopped eating. All she wants to do is sleep now and I'm afraid that if she keeps this up and stops drinking water, we're gonna lose her.

I've tried contacting several local vets but unfortunately none of them are willing to work with us about payments for possible treatment. There are no payment plans, no credit options... if you can't pay for care right then and there, your pet is just out of luck. It's heartbreaking that I can't even get this lite dog looked at unless I've got a couple hundred bucks on hand.

So I'm reaching out, asking for help. I've been told that getting care for a dog can range up into the thousands but I'm just trying to get her to the vet and helped as fast as possible. Hopefully that won't be too much more than I'm asking for help with.

We're trying to get money together as fast as we can. Every minute she's not eating is putting her at risk. I'm doing everything I can to keep her electrolytes up and make sure she doesn't dehydrate. But like a child, a puppy doesn't make anything easy.

Any money we gain from this funding campaign will go straight to getting Domino care from the vet. We want to take her asap but we're just not in a position to pay those bills up front like the vets want.

Any little bit would help and I would appreciate prayers as well. This is our first puppy and I don't want my kids to lose her because I couldn't afford a large vet bill. Thank you advance for your help and your prayers for my little girl.

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