Coins for Kibera

Coins for Kibera

From Kerri O'Shea

We are raising money for the people of Kibera Kenya who are facing food shortages due to the current pandemic.

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Kibera is an informal settlement in Nairobi Kenya which houses upwards of 1 million people in a 2.5 square km area.  It is believed to be the largest urban slum in Africa and one of the largest in the world.  

On August 13, 2019, Coyle and I had the chance to visit Kibera with a non-profir organization called The Seed Foundation.  While in Kibera we met wonderfully welcoming people and saw the amazing work that the Seed Foundation was doing educating the young people of Kibera.  

On April 15, 2020, Coyle and I were both devastated to see Kibera on the news.  Due to Corona Virus restrictions there are now massive food shortages in Kibera.  This has led to riots in the streets when food deliveries come.  

After seeing this video, Coyle immediately wanted to help by sending helicopters of food to Kenya.  

After some conversations where we brainstormed things he was good at - telling stories, being creative, talking and working hard; as well as some things he wasn't so good at - like flying helicopters, we came up with a plan that utilized Coyle's strengths and that wouldn't require me to rent a helicopter.  

Coyle would like to ask for donations so that we can send some money to Kibera to help.  He has created several stickers and a book to share with donors at various levels.  For the last 2 weeks, Coyle has asked almost everyday to work on his Kibera projects and he is very excited to roll them out to everyone.  

* I will be withdrawing all donations and transferring them directly to Padox and his organization in Kenya.

This will allow me to cover all of the international transfer costs and ensure that your donations go directly to the neediest in Kibera.  Padox has done tremendous work in Kibera and he welcomed Coyle and I into the community and into his own home last summer.  I spoke with Padox last week and know that what we are seeing on the news in merely the tip of the ice berg when it comes to what is happening in Kibera.  

Please watch Coyle's video on Youtube for more information:

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