Coastal Explorer Boats

Coastal Explorer Boats

From Bill Underwood

Coastal Explorer Boats is looking for funding for a facility to build boats in. We have just started and have almost immediately gotten more orders than we have room to work on and need more equipment to keep up.

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More room needed.

 Coastal Explorer Boats is looking for funding for a facility to build boats in. Due to the pandemic and other personal 

issues my Father and I have found ourselves unemployed and have had to resort to trying to find money for our bills

on our own. We decided to build a few boats to sell in order to keep ourselves afloat and have been able to do so barely.

But now we are starting to get orders for these boats and a couple other models we have come up with and have run out of

 room under the house to build them and need more equipment to produce them fast enough to keep up with the demand. We 

don't need a huge facility just a couple thousand square foot shop but in this area building leases are a premium.

  Having just gotten started and having not planned on being unemployed and needing to start a business we were not

prepared for the need for an actual building to do this in, it was supposed to just be something to hold us over

 till we got back to work, but now its turned into something worth pursuing and there's money sitting there waiting

 for us to pick it up but we are limited by our inability to produce fast enough and the lack of space to build in. We

are looking for enough to get us in a building and buy the equipment we need to produce 3 times the amount of boats

 we currently produce with enough left for a 3 months rent on the lease.

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