Clifton Park Pet Search Fundraiser

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Clifton Park Pet Search Fundraiser

From Amy Zounes

We're raising funds to purchase a trail camera for Josh with Clifton Park Pet Search. He gives his time so generously to reunite families with their pets so our goal is to help make his job just a bit easier!

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On Monday, January 29, 2018, our 11 month old puppy, Sadie, ran away in the woods behind our home. A quick morning potty break in the backyard before leaving for work turned into a 5-day sleepless search for our mischievous, bunny-chasing girl. I cannot express the deep sadness, guilt and worry that I felt during those long days. A stream of hopelessness was randomly spiked with moments of elation when we would hear news of someone spotting her, we'd find fresh tracks in the snow or I would actually see her myself. With each passing day I grew more fearful that I would never hold her again. She would never smother my face with kisses again or eat another one of my socks. The person who changed all of that--the glue that kept me together--was Josh. This kind stranger spent the next five days working tirelessly to help me find Sadie. He trekked through the snow and woods searching for signs of her. He knocked on every door and posted signs on every utility pole. He used every trick of the trade to lure her back to us and late in the evening on Saturday, February 3rd, he reunited her with us. As I write this I am crying with such gratitude for what this man did for my family. I am proud to now call Josh a friend and will forever do what I can to support his selfless efforts. 

Often when pets go missing they are scared and in 'flight' mode so they don't come back willingly. One of the tools Josh uses are humane traps, similar to crates, set up in areas where the dog is thought to be frequenting. The traps will be set up with cover and enticing food to coax the lost pet in. During cold Winter months it is critical that these traps be checked at least every 2-3 hours so that any animal caught is kept safe from injuries related to freezing temperatures or possibly death. Having slept in my car overnight to watch a trap, I can tell you that this is exhausting work. Providing Josh with a simple trail camera that can send real-time photos to his phone will give him some relief during these searches. We've chosen the Spartan HD GoCam in the hopes that this cool gadget will provide him with some much-needed sleep and the ability to continue searching for our lost dogs with a clear head and rested body!

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