Cleaning Solar Panel Systems – Know the basics

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Keeping on top of the cleaning of your solar panels is important if you want to ensure they continually provide maximum power output. Weather is obviously the main contributing factor to your solar PV system getting dirty but also people who live in areas with heavy air particulates will get more severe damage if The solar PV system is left dirty for too long.

 Doing some research is sure to help you to know how clean them properly, correctly, and safely. Your objective is to keep away debris and dust particles without causing any damage to them. Solar panels do require a good amount of investment for the initial time and become cost-effective in the long run.

Taking adequate precautionary measures will allow you to enjoy them for the long term. In case, you face problems in cleaning them or worry about damaging them in the process, you can hire cleaning experts.

Is it essential to clean the solar panels?

Solar panels can produce power as assured by its manufacturer only when it is exposed to good sunlight. Cleaning them frequently becomes a necessity if you happen to reside in a place that experiences sand, dirt, dust, and smog. However, at times, occasional rains are likely to clean the debris away from the panels, thereby ensuring increased power production.


Solar panel cleaning tips: What products to use?

Cleaning the solar PV system does require lots of patience and taking adequate precautions. It is important to understand that damaging or scratching the glass is likely to reduce its energy production. The best approach to be taken is to clean the panels like that you would do to your car.

Mix soap in warm water and use a soft cloth or sponge to apply on each panel thoroughly. It is considered to be the easiest as well as the safest way to clean the panels. Remover dirty water using a squeegee! Be careful not to scratch or damage the glass in any manner. Otherwise, its power production capacity is likely to diminish significantly.

Oil stains might appear on the panels on rare occasions. This is quite common if you reside close to an airport or common truck route. The remedy to remove these oil stains is to use a rag dipped in some isopropyl alcohol.

Do not use strong cleaning fluids as it might only streak the glass, thereby causing damage to it. If you still have doubts, you may go through the manufacturer's recommendations. In case, you lack time, patience, or expertise or simply worry about damaging the expensive panels, then call the experts. Having experience in cleaning panels, they can be expected to do a wonderful job in a very short time.

Is it a wise decision to hire cleaning experts to clean the solar panels?

This is this a common question asked by those having installed the solar panel systems the first time in their house? Even those planning to install this system would like to know the answer. If your region experiences very less rain or dust and debris and accumulated overtime on the panels, then cleaning will be essential.

Similar to the car wash, you can avail professional solar panel cleaning options. You may even contact the solar installer to undertake the task for a small sum.

Hiring a reputed cleaning service is a wise decision if you have installed a rooftop system for safety purposes. Direct mounted solar paneling is installed directly onto the roof of your house. The fact is you are likely to do the same job as what will be offered by the cleaning specialists.

However, they will be better equipped to maintain rooftop units and ensure greater safety of the panels. But if it is a ground mount unit, then you can undertake the cleaning task yourself. There is no need to spend valuable money on professionals. You can do effective and safe cleaning of the panels using a hose, soft rag, and dish soap.


Is it necessary to remove snow from the solar panels?

Generally, snow does not require to be removed from the solar panels. It is likely to slide off to the ground on its own without any external interference. Being tilted at a particular angle, snow accumulated on most of the panel installations is likely to slide off naturally as it melts. In case of snow still remains on the panels, then you should invest in tools such as the solar panel snow rake.

This way, removing snow from the solar panel becomes easy, effortless, and safe. Avoid using any non-specialized tool, shovel, or even the standard broom to remove snow. They might only scratch the sensitive panel glass, thereby reducing power production.

Therefore, with proper maintenance and cleaning of the solar panel systems, you can get enhanced power production at all times. If there are damages or scratches, do contact the experts for an effective remedy.

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