Clean Water for Ukraine

Clean Water for Ukraine

From Tim Seay

The purpose of this campaign is to provide immediate, direct support to the people in Ukraine by providing water disinfection devices throughout the country.

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Clean Water for Ukraine

A few weeks weeks ago I made the firm decision to travel to the border of Ukraine and Hungary to provide support for the citizens remaining in the war torn regions of Ukraine. One of my areas of expertise is water quality so that has become the primary focus of the trip. As most people know, humans can live without food for several weeks but without water most people will perish in 3 or 4 days, making it one of the most critical and time sensitive needs. Now, after several weeks of bombing and devastation people are dying in Maruipol and other cities, not only from physical wounds, but also from rampant dehydration and waterborne illness. Citizens have resorted to pulling water from the nearby (polluted) river and out of street drains.  When I started this campaign I had hoped to receive supplemental funding prior to my departure but given the urgency of the situation I went ahead and purchased the needed devices and paid for travel arrangements "out of pocket". I arrived in Hungary on March 22nd and began researching various organizations that would be able to assist me in transporting and distributing the water purification equipment to the areas where it is most needed. I have based my efforts out of Budapest, Hungary and in addition to providing the water disinfection technology have been supporting aid efforts at the city's main train station where refugees arrive hourly. It is truly heartbreaking to see the look on some of the faces as they leave the train and step into their new, uncertain and unsettled lives here. Many are quite literally "Shell Shocked".

My goals and objectives for this trip have been to align with various NGOs (None Government Organizations) including “Make Water Safe for the World”

After seeking out and interviewing a few NGO's I was referred to one the oldest humanitarian organizations in the world that has it's Eastern European headquarters here. This group is called the Order of Malta and you can learn all about them using the link below.

The devices we are distributing were designed, developed and manufactured by Rodney Herrington, the founder of Aqua-Research LLC. I have brought two highly mobile models with me, the "H2GO" and the larger  "Stream". These devices do not require a conventional electric power source but rather can be recharged and run off of solar power, a USB charger or in the case the the large "Stream" unit, a car battery or even a bicycle.

 You can learn about Mr. Herrington's background, his company and the devices here.

Based in Albuquerque New Mexico, Aqua-Research has provided safe water for people all over the globe.  I am pleased to report that the goal of getting these devices deep into multiple areas of Ukraine has now come to fruition. This is being accomplished by the Order of Malta organization.

How are the funds being used? Approximately 90% of the money I have spent has gone to the purchase and transport of the water disinfection devices including Customs Fees, Import Tax, Tariffs etc. Aqua-Research has contributed in the form of generous pricing discounts along with a direct  product contribution of $1,000.00 from the NGO, Making Water Safe For The World. The remaining 10% of funds will hopefully be available to supplement my travel costs and local monetary donations I made onsite. Rest assured, this money and equipment is going directly to where it is needed most. I feel very fortunate to have been in the position to make this journey physically and simply put, could no longer sit back and watch these atrocities unfold on TV without doing something to help. Please feel free to share this email with your friends, family, social media contacts and anyone else that you feel might have compassion for this cause. Venmo and Zelle are also options for direct contributions so please consider helping in any way you can. My personal email and phone # for direct donations are show below.

Your well wishes and prayers are gladly accepted and appreciated in lieu of funds.

Sincere Thanks,


[email protected]

US cell # 575-770-0136

Available on WhatsApp or by text and email while overseas.

 Thanks again for any support you can provide.

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