Clean Water for Africa

Clean Water for Africa

From Jesse Scott

We are working to provide clean water to sub-Saharan African countries. We distribute clean and safe drinking water in African villages.

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Dear Friends,

             We are seeking your kind attention for the below humanitarian project.

We are part of a group named "Clean Water Mission Africa".

All parts of the world are go through water crisis. However, nowhere it is as bad as seen in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The WHO (2006) stated that, in 2004, only 16% of people in sub-Saharan Africa had access to drinking water through a household connection.

Even the water which is available is highly contaminated and polluted.

Consumption of such water leads to deadly diseases and even death.

Ground water is the best resource to distribute water in the rural areas. However, there are high cost associated with drilling and the technical challenges associated with finding a proper source is also enormous.

Scarcity of drinking water is the root of all problems like diseases, deaths, conflicts and poverty in African countries.

In fact if we can solve the problem of drinking water in Africa, a huge chunk of other problems would be automatically solved.

Therefore, we are planning to use modern technology to build a powerful water treatment system.

The water treatment system would be powered from solar energy, thus extremely cost efficient to use.

It would also portable, robust and reliable.

Presently we have been working on this.

We have achieved some level of success so far.

We are already providing clean water to some interior villages of Ethiopia,Uganda and Kenya using this system. 

We also provide chlorine tablets, antibiotic and other medicines to these villages totally free of cost.

Now the entire thing is in development stage.

We are working rigorously and progressing everyday.

We are building a robust system that will solve the water crisis in thousands of African villages.

We will be able to supply clean water to water-starved countries like  Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, Cameroon, Nigeria etc. totally free of cost.

This is not about giving away some money for a year and provide temporary relief.

We are planning to provide a permanent solution.

We are confident that our system would benefit millions of people, not only in Africa but throughout the world.

However, this kind of endeavor requires lot of money.

Therefore, we are asking for your generous help.

We are running the whole project on non profit basis.

Once successful we won't even patent our machines and sell them to large corporates.

Hence, we cannot provide any profit to our donors.

The only thing you would receive in return of your donation is blessings of thousands of human beings.

That is of course an invaluable gift that money cannot buy.

So far we have been spending money out of our pockets and have been relying upon generosity of others.

However, if we do not get enough donations we may  have to abandon our project midway.

Thousands of poor Africans would continue to suffer.

On the other hand, if we receive enough donations, we will be able to wipe tears from the eyes of innumerable people.

We will be able to send clean water to thousand of African villages.

We will also provide them foods and medicines free of cost.

Thus hundreds or thousands poor African will have new life.

Therefore, we are begging for your generous donations.

Please donate as much you can. It does not matter however small the amount is. Please remember, every dollar of your donation counts.

Thousands of lives are dependent on your generosity.

Looking forward for your kind contribution for this noble cause.

Even if you are not able or not willing to donate please forward this message to your friends and families who might be able to donate.

God bless you.

Warm Regards,

Jesse Scott

Clean Water Mission Africa

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