The Ceej of Cancer

The Ceej of Cancer

From Erin Garrigan Kate Piotrowicz Laurie Batzel -Friends of CJ

To alleviate the financial burden that comes from saving a life.

Erin Garrigan Kate Piotrowicz Laurie Batzel -Friends of CJ

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She is more than the beautiful face and mega watt smile you see when you first meet her.  She is more than the pre-school teacher whose class parents fight for their child to enter.  She is more than the friend who not only gives you the shirt off her back but pairs it with the perfect set of matching heels and skirt from her closet.  She is more than the devoted wife who has worked side by side with her husband to turn a century old farmhouse into a dream home worthy of a magazine cover.  She is more than the mother of a six year old girl and eighteen month old boy whose ability to fill her children’s lives with wonder and love never ceases to amaze all who witness it.

Christina Joy (Stacy) Dech is one of the few people gifted with the innate ability to create joy and beauty from nothing.  When she enters a room, it immediately brightens with her presence.  When she enters your life, you are forever enriched and inspired by her kindness, humor, grace and unexpected tenacity.  She lives her life with boundless passion, unshakeable faith in the goodness of God and His creations and above all, a style that is distinctly and fabulously her own. 

In October of 2012, a mere six weeks after giving birth to her little boy, our dear CJ was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.  She handled the disease and treatment with characteristic dignity and wit, nicknaming her tumor “Maleficent” and joking that cancer was a small price to pay for “upgraded cleavage.”  While laid up during chemotherapy sessions, she used the time to pen a novel and bake her signature cake pops for her medical team.  After undergoing a bilateral mastectomy and radiation, she was pronounced cancer free.  However, in early January 2014, CJ was hospitalized for Cushing’s Syndrome, a serious hormonal disorder.  Further tests revealed that the Cushing’s Syndrome had been caused by a recurrence of the breast cancer in her liver and sacral bone.  For this condition to be caused by metastasizing breast cancer is extremely rare, again proving to us what we already knew:  our CJ is one of a kind.  At this time, she is still in the ICU, being given intravenous medication to attempt to control the Cushing’s and beginning another round of chemotherapy to fight the cancer.  We are hoping that she will be discharged to home very soon to spend precious time with her family and loved ones.

Serious illnesses place enormous financial burdens on families and we want CJ to spend this time focused on special moments with her family and friends free from stress or anxiety.  We are asking for contributions to provide for the medical treatments she is undergoing and the day to day needs of their young children and caregivers.  Donations of any size are welcome and accepted with immense gratitude. 

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