Church Kicked off Their Property

Church Kicked off Their Property

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One of our churches in Mityana have been kicked off their property! Please help us get them back on their feet.

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This church had a prime location right in town. They couldn't afford to put up a permanent building, so they constructed a temporary structure. The local council said that they were not allowed to have a temporary structure in town, so they literally chased them from the property and tore down their building. Later they allowed a bar to take up their old location. Here's the kicker: the bar is using a "temporary structure" and the local council is not disturbing them (seen in one of the photos). Now our church is wandering from place to place meeting wherever they can. They have found a new prime spot where we can put up a building. They only need $600 to get started. Can you please help this church in need?

Pictures 1-4 is the church meeting in a local school for a few weeks. However the landlord decided to do something else with the building and disallowed the church from meeting there without any forewarning.

Picture 5 is the new plot of land. You can't tell from the photo, but it's right off the main road. It's a great spot!

Picture 6 is the local bar that took over they spot they were chased from. As you can see from the picture, this bar is also using a temporary structure. It seems that there may have been some ulterior motives.

The $600 will cover the lease of the land for one year, iron sheets for roofing, building materials, and lumber. The church members themselves are covering all other costs.

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