Help me to meet my boyfriend

Help me to meet my boyfriend

From Elin Taka

I'm raising the money to celebrate chrismas with my boyfriend because we are long distance relationship couple France-Indonesia.

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Hello everyone,

I'm here to raise the funding for the cost to travel to my boyfriend that live in France. I'm from Indonesia.

We have been in relationship for 2 years and 3 months now. We hasn't been able meet each other because of the pandemic situation. My boyfriend was wanted to visit Indonesia on July but suddenly the case in Indonesia was raising and there comes the lockdown which made Indonesia doesn't accept anyone to enter unless for diplomatic issues. 

I'm planning to make surprise to visit him on early December to visit Christmas and New Year together because we have not seeing each other for 2 years. I have been living alone because my parents passed away when I was secondary school. I have been living on my own by taking scholarship and working part time. 

But as you know by itself that the cost to travel to another country especially to Europe itself cost a lot. My other family are not from a rich family and most of them are not working because of the pandemic. So I decided to give a try with fundraising. 

I hope everyone in the world there would help me to reach my goal. I have been always celebrating the christmas alone. Being with the other of my family still made me feel like an outsider or a burden. 

How I'm gonna use the fund itself is for :

1. The plane tickets

2. Winter outfit (I have always live on tropical country so winter outfit often cost a lot because it is import)

3. Medicine (I have an allergic with cold weather and asthma, even a small wind or air conditioner could make me sneeze and having fever all day)

4. The cost to visit some places in France (I'm majoring in tourism so I know on how to plan a tour and the budget)

5. Visa, travel documents, travel insurance

6. During this pandemic it is required to do quarantine and because I'm from a red country (indonesia) so I have to do quarantine by the France facility for 7 days.

7. To make memories with my boyfriend. I didn't tell him that I'm doing this fundraising because I'm planning to give him a surprise.

If you could donate a little of your money, I would be happy and very thankful for it. Every amount that you give means a lot to me.

P.S : I used to think that it would be easy if I were born rich but I'm glad that I have him and I'm happy.

Thank you so much.

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