Christmas for the Rocio Milania Family/ Navidad para los Rocio Milania

Christmas for the Rocio Milania Family/ Navidad para los Rocio Milania

From Michelle Jokisch

The family lost all their belongings in a fire, and I am trying to bring Christmas to them.

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Dearest Friends and Family,This afternoon I had the privilege of talking with The Rocio Milania family. This family lives in the northwest side of Grand Rapids and they have three little girls: Liliana, Juliana and Lesley. You see, this past Sunday they were awoken in the middleof the night by some dreadfully warm flames. A fire had started in the attic that night. They had no time but to react and so they woke their three little girls and went outside. Then the firemen came and they were forced to watch the water not only extinguish the firebut also destroy their furniture, beds clothes and memories. Thankfully they were fortunate enough to have a family from the neighborhood invite them into their home for the next coupleof weeks as they rebuild their life back up again. The fire also destroyed allthe carefully wrapped gifts the parents had worked to get for their little girls. & this Christmas the little girls willnot have any gifts to open. So I have made it in my mission to collect $220 to cover the costs of the gifts for the three little girls. I have until Christmas eve to get the money and I am asking all of you to help spread the word and consider giving to this cause.Liliana is 8 and she wants a tablet for Christmas : $70 Juliana: is the littlest one, she is 4 and she wants a skateboard for Christmas : $90 for a starter skate board, helmet and knee and elbow padsLeslie is 6 and she wants crafting and nail polish and make up set : $50 and This totals $220 dollars. If we can get 20 people to donate $10, we will be all set!

Queridos Amigos y Familia, Gracias a mi trabajo la tarde del jueves tuve el privilegio de conversar con la familia Rocio Manilia. Ellos me contaron acerca de la tragedia que sufrieron el domingo pasado. La madrugada del domingo, Maria se desperto a causa de una luz brillante en la ventana, y al acercarse se dio cuenta que la casa se estaba incendiando. En ese momento ella desperto a su esposo Julio y a sus tres hijas Leslie, Liliana y Juliana. La familia tan desesperadamente salieron descalzos al frio a ver el fuego extinguir sus pertencias y memorias. Afortunadamente ellos lograron refugiarse con una familia del vecindario. Y aunque la comunidad les han ofrecido mucha ayuda, las niñas no van a tener regalos para abrir esta navidad. Asi que yo he decidio tratar de recaudar los fondos para comprarle los regalos del 25 de Diciembre. Leslie tiene seis años y para Navidad ella quiere pinta uñas y juguetes de manualidades: $50 Juliana tiene cuatro y para Navidad ella quiere una patineta y con el casco y protectores : $90 Liliana tiene 8 años y para Navidad ella quiere una tablet: $70 para comprar las apps de la tablet. En total nececitaremos $220! Hasi que les pido por favor apoyar esta causa y traigamosle la navidad a las niñas! El link esta abajo!

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