Christmas for my family

Christmas for my family

From Holder Jeffrey

I am raising money so that my family, my amazing 8 year old son mainly can have a Christmas. We have been thru a lot over the last few years, and its been pretty rough, especially for him!

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My son is an amazing, smart and loving boy, he is actually one of if not the smartest kids I've ever met. And he can put a smile on any ones face. The last few years we have not had the greatest luck in my family. My brother has had some pretty devastating health problems, he had a hernia which kept him in bed for months and then some time after that was resolved he ended up losing one of his legs due to a rare bone disease. And my amazing son helped my brother get thru all of it and the bond that they have now is so strong because of it. My son even at 4 years old would go knock on uncles door and stay in the room and keep him company all day. And my brother needed that companionship at the time and it helped him get thru it. I myself also have my health issues, I had a heart attack at 40 years old and I have asthma and arthritis which has caused my back a lot of grief, my legs go numb after standing for more that a few min. And as if this all wasn't enough since we both haven't been able to really work especially with covid, we are behind on the mortgage and don't know what is going to happen with that. And to add to all this my car was broken into and the money I did have to get my son any presents for Christmas was taken, and then that very next day my starter went out in my car and we now have no transportation on top of it all. And in the past my pride has always prevented me from asking anyone for help as I usually would figure it out on my own. But with everything that a been happening I'm just not so sure I can pull out of this one by myself. So I am looking to all the kind giving and selfless people out there that don't mind giving a helping hand to ensure that this amazing little boy who in my entire world can have not just any Christmas but a Christmas that he most definitely deserves! And I would like to say thank you for reading my story and what you are doing is amazing and selfless and can really make a huge difference in someone's life and whether you decide to help us or even if you decide to help someone else, thank you for being you BC there aren't many people out there that are willing to do what ur considering doing especially for a complete stranger and you should be super proud of yourself for that. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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