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Dear friends, brothers and sisters, to all who are not indifferent to God’s work; we, Christians of the Church of Rozdestvo Sumy Ukraine address our letter.

Most of the world is facing not an easy time right now. Coronavirus, economic failure, family budget decreases affect everyone’s life. The country of Ukraine, besides having an economic crisis, is still facing a war on its territory. But God is still above all. He can turn even the most challenging times into unique opportunities.

The Church of Rozdestvo has a history of 22 years. We started with 10 members, and now the church of Rozdestvo has 300 people, not including many guests and visitors. During the years of our work we opened a new church in Sumy’s region, and a center of rehabilitation for alcohol and drug addiction. Our Church is well known in the city of Sumy. It’s practically impossible to find a hospital in our city that we didn’t give financial and, more importantly, spiritual support. Our Puppet Show team performed not only in our city, but also traveled to the war zone on the east of Ukraine with their shows, giving encouragement to many children and adults. Our Church is also known for the everyday prayers on the city square that we perform for our country for the 7th year now under any weather conditions. We pray for Ukraine and other countries that face difficult times. The Church of Rozdestvo has many ministries, which help people of every age to live with God, be better citizens for our country, put into practice God’s moral principles, taking Jesus as an example and role model.

In 22 years of our existence we prayed and dreamed of our own building. During this time, we rented many properties for worship. We were freezing during winter, and were asked to leave because richer renters came and faced lots of other difficulties. Sometimes we didn’t know where we would have our next worship. We were chased out right after the service and didn’t have a chance for fellowship following worship. Every week we must move our sound equipment for practice and worship. We can’t gather for Christian holidays if they do not fall on the weekends.

But our Great God, who saw our sufferings and our dream, heard our prayers, giving us in these difficult times, a unique chance. A large building in the center of our city is listed for sale for a fantastically low price. Of course, everything is relative. The price is low for this kind of building, but high for our church. We live in a very poor country. Our church members are also not rich. We all want to buy this building very badly, but we don’t have enough money. Our church has $100 thousand. But we need $220 thousand more.

This chance to buy a building in such good conditions in the center of the city comes only once in a thousand years. So, we, Christians of the Church of Rozdestvo beg you for any financial help.

First, if you agree, God will count this for your heavenly treasure. Secondly, when we do good it comes back to us. “Ship your grain across the sea; after many days you may receive a return”. (Ecclesiastes 11:1). And thirdly, this money offering for the church building will always glorify God, because when the church will help, people will be able to help the needy, give hope to discouraged, share God’s love with the lonely and you will have part in all of it.

Whatever your decision will be, we will be thankful. May our Great Loving God richly bless you. To Him be the glory!

Fundraising is ongoing until December 31, 2021. If the project does not go through, all the funds raised will go toward the purchase of another building for the church. A report on all the funds raised will be published on this website. Please note that the donations are non-refundable. Thank you for your understanding and help.

Funds raised

PRIVATBANK - USD - UA443375460000026005055034662

PRIVATBANK - EUR - UA583375460000026004055041816

PRIVATBANK - UAH - UA123375460000026008055040471


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