choosing a hosting platform

choosing a hosting platform

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Things to consider before choosing a hosting platform for your awesome podcast

So, you have a killer podcast idea. You have all of the required equipment and a solid game plan. Now what? What is the next step between you producing the content and it reaching the ears of listeners around the globe? The answer to this problem is a hosting platform.

Podcast hosting platforms are the definitive answer to bringing your voice to an audience. You can’t just email gigabytes of data in audio and video files to your listeners. Trying to do it on your own website can be expensive and still result in a bad user experience. Hosting platforms allow you to upload your content to their site at the highest quality. The listeners can then just stream it from the hosting site.

Once you understand this step, there is an even bigger problem up ahead; which one do you choose? There are so many options to decide between. Where do you even begin evaluating? How do you compare two options when their features are completely different? That is where this article comes into the picture. Here are things that you should consider before choosing a host for your podcast:

Storage space:

Storing your is the very reason why you are dealing with a host in the first place. So, try to find a host that provides plenty of space for your present and future content. Unlimited audio storage is critical to do what you want to do without any hurdles. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid hosts that limit you to a certain number of episodes per month, be it one, two, or four. You are the one who should get to decide the frequency of your content, not the hosting platform.


Bandwidth is another limiting factor for many platforms. A restricted bandwidth means that only a certain number of people can access your content at a given time. The number might seem enough for now but think of the future. Once your podcast starts taking off, you do not want bandwidth issues to ruin all the momentum.


If a podcast hosting platform is being unfair by any means, you can just take your content and move it somewhere else. But there are platforms that claim the ownership of any content that is posted on their service. They will use your content without permission or restrict what you do with the thing you created. Regardless, you should stay as far away from these predatory platforms as possible.


The cost of hosting is going to be one of the biggest hosting hurdles that you are going to face, especially as a beginner. So, you need to find something that fits your budget easily. But, do not be fooled by low starting prices. There are podcast hosting platforms out there that offer extremely low starting fees. However, once you have a sizable audience on that platform and want to upgrade, the prices skyrocket. Take a thorough look at the platform’s pricing structure before making the final decision.

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