Chloe Concealed

Chloe Concealed

From Alisha Coker

We are raising funds to assist with the sewing and manufacturing of concealed carry handbags and range bags. All of the funds donated will be converted into gift certificates that can be used toward future purchases!

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We are Alisha and Chloe Coker, founders of Chloe Concealed.  We are a mother and daughter team who decided to design our own line of concealed carry handbags and range bags for the modern woman. 

We are both former military brats whose fathers served in the United States Army and we grew up realizing it's important to have the ability to defend yourself if necessary and we refuse to be victims.  We started out selling wholesale bags made by other companies but they weren't quite right for us, and we couldn't find what we were looking for on the market.  So, we decided to design our own. 

We took classes and learned all about the textile industry and did a whole lot of research.  Now, we have our designs and are in the process of making the patterns and samples to prepare for manufacturing.

Contributors to this campaign will help us finance having the samples made, including the supplies and the sewing, which is not our area of expertise. Any funds above our goal will go directly to manufacturing the first bags.  

  • We need at least $10,000 to provide funding to make the patterns and samples of the bags.  This will allow us to show the samples to manufacturers who will take on our project.  This money will supply fabric, hardware, and pay for the sewing.  
  • One important distinction about these bags is that, whenever humanly possible, they will be sourced and manufactured in the United States.  Our fabric supplier is located in the U.S. and supplies nylon that is Berry Compliant meaning it is sourced and produced in the U.S.  All hardware will be sourced in the U.S. and we are committed to hiring U.S. seamstresses/sewists and manufacturers to help stimulate the economy and provide more U.S. jobs.  
  • If we do not reach our entire goal, the funds will still go toward completing the samples, and anything leftover will go directly toward manufacturing.  

  • Both the range bags and concealed carry bags will offer velcro holsters and concealed carry compartments. We are also designing a formal clutch which will also have a concealed carry compartment and holster.  The range bags are also designed to double as diaper bags, nurses' and teachers' bags, as well as carry-on bags for travel.
  • This is our first project like this.  So far, we have funded this project all on our own and we've accomplished a lot so far.  We need some help to finish it.  
  • These bags will initially be sold online and at local area trade shows.  We hope to get them in area stores also and provide more wholesale opportunities.  This is why having sewn samples is important as we want the buyers to be able to see the quality of the bags in person.  

I believe we've overcome most of the challenges and mitigated as many of the risks as possible.  We have designed quality, stylish, functional bags that will make it easier for any women to carry concealed.  We have dealt with a few setbacks over the last several months but we keep pushing forward knowing this vision will become reality very soon.  

If you are unable to contribute financially to this project, we completely understand!  It's been a rough year for all of us.  

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If there are any questions, we are happy to answer them!  Feel free to reach out anytime!

Thank you for reading and sharing!

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