Children of Single Mothers with Stage 4 Breast Cancer Toy Drive 2020

Children of Single Mothers with Stage 4 Breast Cancer Toy Drive 2020

From Anthony Tillman

Today, I am sharing with You my sister's story. Her name is Shalonda D. Tillman. She is a 34 year-old Single Mother of 3 young children. She is from Markham, IL and attended Hillcrest High School and graduated.

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Dear family and my Fundly friends,

Today, I am sharing with You my sister's story.

Her name is Shalonda D. Tillman. She is a 34 

year old Single Mother of 3 young children. She is

from Markham, IL and attended Hillcrest High 

School and graduated. She has always held 

good quality jobs and took care of herself and 

her kids for the last 15 years of her life. She is 

not one to ask for help or a handout. But to be 

honest with You, it's to a point now where I'm 

asking you to step in with just a small donation 

today to help support her children so they no 

longer have to suffer. This is all a direct result 

of the aftermath of 'fighting for your life' all while 

trying to manage the excruciating stress and pain 

from Stage 4 Breast Cancer that has spread 

all over her body. You can't perform at 

work and they find out and now you are out of a 

job...just like that. Wow...It really hurts sharing 

that truth with you. But it's real right? 

I reached out to You because she is now 

in financial danger and the weight of that stress 

on her and especially the children has caused 

me, her big brother, to create this fundraiser to 

provide support for her and her 3 young children 

today, including a 6 year old. We need to act fast.

You are kind and compassionate. You are 

strong and loyal. Please donate today.

The battle against breast #cancer in 

#SingleMothers with children 

can be very stressful. Would you agree? 

Being under great financial stress is 

counter productive when you have 

#stage4 #breastcancer.

It has taken a toll on her and our family. 

Shalonda has experienced some of the 

following since being diagnosed with 

Stage 4 Breast Cancer:

  •     Job loss, 
  •     Homelessness, 
  •     Car Repossession,
  •     Becoming a single mother

I’m asking You to please donate today 

anything to help Shalonda and her children.

You can contact me now if you know any 

resources that may lend a hand as well I’m 

sure anything helps because she needs the 

financial support to have access too healthy 

food, toys/clothing for her kids.

“Would you be willing to help by giving a 

donation today? Every penny will help.”

100% of your donations will fund the children 

with toys and provide a quick small gift card 

for her and the children's immediate needs. 

Again, I've been here with Shalonda since July 

helping support her financially, going to chemo 

appointments with her and making things 

easier overall for her. So that's me supporting 

for 6 months. I'm not asking you to take 

that much time to help support her today 

with your small donation. I'm only asking 

you for just '15 seconds of your time'. That's 

how short it takes to take to donation with your 

credit card today and support Shalonda Tillman 

and her children here on this Fundly fundraiser.

Thank you again for supporting her today.

You are the greatest.



{The Story}

Us vs. Them

When I first heard about the Cancer...

Go big or go home is what I thought 

to myself after seeing the growing 

Cancerous #tumor on my sisters left 

breast. A lump so big, deceptive and 

evil growing uncontrollably inside her 

left much to a point where 

it actually made her 4-foot 11-inch body 

lean down to the left slightly as she 

walked to Chemotherapy, around the 

house...everywhere. My soul was

suspended in disbelief. My friend, my 

homie, my sister. All her life I was the 

brother protecting her, helping her with 

her school work, fighting people who 

disrespected her...kinda of reminds You 

of your own sister huh? 

I still remember the day she called me 

on a video call and asking me to come to 

Chicago to support her mentally and just 

be here with her. 

When I first heard this, to be honest, 

it was very challenging because I 

just started a new job and promised 

my kids a few things that would require 

me to be where I lived (#Atlanta). I 

was devastated seeing this and knowing 

this. But despite me not wanting to give 

up things I loved, I knew my baby sister needed 

my presence there with her. Not just 

any presence but the presence of a 

family member who really gave a damn 

about her 

We both knew it.

So I took a stand against the people who

SAY that they cared but didn't really show it.

I took a stand against this bully: Cancer and 

told her. "Yes!, I will be there to support 

everyday 110% sis." 

My parents raised us differently...

(Family Over Everything) was the #motto.

And now because of You and your gift today

we stand together in a collective effort to fight.

Your donation today will help in the support 

of the children which she can not financially 

support 100% at this time and it hurts honestly

seeing this.

To say meeting our goal of $3,120.64 would 

require a strong commitment on your part 

would be an understatement. But with this

type of deadly cancer inside my baby sister's 

body: Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer, 

acting today with just a small donation would 

really help today.

“I am asking you for help here because 

we need to get quick resources to help 

support the children and my sister to

help ease mental and financial suffering."


{The Purpose}

“I wanted to do something that used every 

ounce of my mental and physical being to 

demonstrate my support for people suffering 

with this #devastating disease." In this case, my 

sister Shalonda Tillman. I just remember thinking 

“I hope my journey of kindful acts inspires others 

to do whatever they can to help us win the fight 

against Cancer!.”


{The Plan}

Once the goal is reached at approximately 10:12 a.m., 

I will surprise my sister and 4 other Cancer victims 

with toys, gifts and clothing for their children since they can 

not work right now and are unemployed and don't 

have enough to experience happiness and joy with 

their kids at this time. So 5 single moms, victims to 

stage 4 Breast Cancer, 17 children.  22 Souls total 

helped "because of YOU" :-)  I intend to get the gifts 

from Walmart, Whole Foods, Target and a few special 

gifts from Amazon Prime.

Along the way I will pass through traffic, snow and 

freezing weather to get to 4 Chicago, IL cities raising 

Cancer awareness by making them happier that day 

cities including Markham, IL; Matteson, IL; Harvey, IL; 

Homewood, IL.


                                 [Where Your Funds Will Go]

              "Your gift today will be put to work immediately."

(Family 1)

3 Children, 

  1 Single Mother:   

        *Walmart $100 Gift Card

        *VISA $100 Gift Card 

        *Whole Foods $200 Gift Card

        *Gas Card BP $25

        *LEVOIT Air Purifier-Home Allergies Removes 99.97%,Dust/Mold/Pollen - $84.99

      Child 1: WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Puppet, $22.85

      Child 2: Funko Pop! Funkoverse Strategy Game: Harry Potter, $38.58

      Child 3: Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Marsha Mello, $23.88

(Family 2)

3 Children, 

   1 Single Mother:

        *Walmart $200 Gift Card

        *Whole Foods $200 Gift Card

        *Gas card BP $25

        *LEVOIT Air Purifier-Home Allergies Removes 99.97%,Dust/Mold/Pollen, $84.99

      Child 1: Cutetitos Collectible Plush Mystery Stuffed Animals, $19.99

      Child 2: Crayola Arctic Color Chemistry Set, $24.99

      Child 3: Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Peculiar Pets, $32.99

(Family 3)

4 Children, 

  1 Single Mother: 

           *Walmart $200 Gift Card

           *Whole Foods $200 Gift Card

           *Fiji Water $25

           *LEVOIT Air Purifier-Home Allergies Removes 99.97% Dust/Mold/Pollen, $84.99

      Child 1: Really RAD Robots Turbo Bot, $48.99

      Child 2: Melissa and Doug Turtle Ball Pit, $50.99

      Child 3: LeapFrog LeapStart Go System, $39.84

      Child 4: LEGO Disney Frozen II Enchanted Treehouse Building Kit, $40

(Family 4)

2 Children, 

  1 Single Mother:

          *Walmart $200 Gift Card

          *Whole Foods $200 Gift Card

          *Essentia Water; 20-oz.Bottles; Case of 24; Ionized Alkaline Water; $41

          *LEVOIT Air Purifier-Home Allergies Removes 99.97%,Dust/Mold/Pollen, $84.99

      Child 1: Little Live Scruff-a-Luvs Plush Mystery Electronic Pet Rescue, $27.82

      Child 2: Treasure x Aliens Dissection Kit with Slime, $22.93

(Family 5)

4 Children, 

  1 Single Mother:

          *Walmart $200 Gift Card

          *Whole Foods $200 Gift Card

          *GAP Kids Store Card $50

          *LEVOIT Air Purifier-Home Allergies Removes 99.97%,Dust/Mold/Pollen, $84.99

      Child 1: National Geographic Mega Slime Kit and Putty Lab, $29.99

      Child 2: Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set, $51.18

      Child 3: Blinger Radiance Collection Deluxe Set, $25.99

      Child 4: Melissa and Doug Mine to Love Twins Luke & Lucy Dolls, $27.99

                                                   ($3,120.64 Total)

                               “Would you be willing to help by giving a 

                                 donation today? Every penny will help.”        


{The Goal}

After looking at the need, we have set a financial 

goal of $3,120.64, which means that You can truly 

help the children today with your donation now. 

“We need your help because the children of single 

mothers with Cancer experience a lot of sadness 

and starvation of happiness. With your donation 

you end the struggle today and bring joy and 

relief to innocent children.

Going through #Chemotherapy is very stressful 

as well as spending every Dime you get from 

social security on Rent.. sometimes even having 

to borrow money just to meet a $500 a month 

rent payment. No money is left over to support 

the kids. Kids just want toys, candy, and love.

Would You agree?

Today because of You now, all that will change 

for them. 

Thank you. 

Donate Today

P.S. I love you and Thank You for donating today.

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