Childbirth Medical Expenses (Not Including Pre-natal)

Childbirth Medical Expenses (Not Including Pre-natal)

From Frederick Ashby

Dear family, Your combination of subtle and not-so-subtle assertions that we should have a baby have not gone unnoticed for the past five years. We've heard you, now you have the opportunity to learn something!

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The average uncomplicated hospitalized birth in the US is approximately $10,808 (IFHP, 2018). That's actually $1,000 more than what the Duchess of Cambridge paid in a luxury hospital suite, to put that into perspective.

This cost has been rapidly increasing over the years, and middle-class wages in the US have simply not kept pace with the cost-of-living or healthcare costs.

This has been known by business experts and economists for years. Remember when you could actually pay for full-time college working part-time? How privileged, I am so happy for you all!

But we're not here to compare generational difference, am I right? We're here to talk about family!

We love it when casual family conversation on literally any topic somehow takes a full nosedive into the roadside ditch that is our baby plans, and why they haven't happened yet with a full-time MD-PhD student married to a full-time government contractor.

Aside from the obvious logistical issues of a baby growing up while I work in medical school 40-70 hours a week for two years, then go into residency for three years for 80 hours a week, then get a break and go into fellowship for two more years at 60-80 hours per week, there is this little gnawing obligation I have of... what's the word... Oh! Not wanting to be in crippling medical debt while raising a child and learning to keep people alive simultaneously. That's the word.

Oh but I know what you're thinking, you're so negative, why can't Maite stay home and take care of the little angel so I can be the fun tita that has ice-cream and buñuelos?

Well my calorie unrestrictive anti-hero to my child's future moral obligations to society, let me refer you to our next fundraising campaign: supplementing lost-wages due to childcare! 

Whether sacrificing our scant wages staying at home to care for our precious future award winner, or dropping our kid off like a Goodwill donation at daycare where they learn life is all about being abandoned in a disease infested room with strangers, you can rest assured it will make these childbirth expenses look like a cheap date.

Please stay tune for future updates! If we reach our fundraising goal, we can move onto the real fundraiser: funding college for our kid in a world where a bachelor's degree costs $121,000!

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