Child Safety with Window Treatments

Child Safety with Window Treatments

From Ahsan Raza

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When it comes to childproofing your home, window treatments are often overlooked. However, ensuring that your window coverings are safe for children is crucial. In this blog, we'll discuss the importance of child-safe window treatments and explore the options available to keep your little ones safe.

Traditional window treatments, such as blinds and shades with cords, pose significant risks to children. Cords can become hazardous, leading to potential strangulation if a child becomes entangled. Therefore, it's essential to consider child-safe alternatives that eliminate these risks.

One of the safest options for homes with children is cordless window treatments. Hunter Douglas offers a variety of cordless products, such as the LiteRise® cordless system, which allows you to easily raise and lower your shades without the need for cords. This system is available on many Hunter Douglas products, including cellular shades, roller shades, and Roman shades.

Motorized window treatments provide an additional layer of safety and convenience. With Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation, you can control your window treatments using a remote, smartphone, or even voice commands. This eliminates the need for cords entirely and allows you to program your shades to open and close at specific times, adding a level of automation to your home.

Shutters are another excellent option for child-safe window treatments. Products like Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters are cordless, durable, and easy to clean, making them a safe and practical choice for homes with children. These shutters are designed to withstand high humidity and are resistant to warping, cracking, fading, and peeling.

     Keep Furniture Away from Windows: Place cribs, beds, and other furniture away from windows to prevent children from reaching window treatments.

     Use Cord Cleats: If you have window treatments with cords, use cord cleats to keep them out of reach of children.

     Regular Inspections: Regularly inspect your window treatments for any potential hazards or wear and tear that could compromise safety.

Child safety is a top priority for any parent, and choosing the right window treatments is an essential part of creating a safe home environment. Hunter Douglas offers a range of child-safe options, including cordless and motorized solutions, that provide peace of mind without sacrificing style or functionality. Invest in child-safe window treatments to ensure your home is as safe as it is beautiful.

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