Child Custody Battle... Please help me get my boys back!

Child Custody Battle... Please help me get my boys back!

From Mom Anonymous

I am raising money for an ugly custody battle and divorce with my soon-to-be ex-husband who has been abusive our entire marriage. All donations would go towards attorney's fees, court costs, and any related expenses.

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First, let me apologize for not adding any pictures. It is necessary for me to stay anonymous. If you donate and want pics or more details I will be happy to send.

I stayed in an abusive marriage for 15 years, and now that I have finally left my my soon-to-be ex-husband is playing dirty as I feared. He has taken the kids and is trying to not have to give me any time with them or any marital assets. He lied on the court papers in order to get temporary emergency custody saying that he has been the primary caregiver to the boys (which is in no way true) and that he was afraid for their saftey with me (also a lie). He is just angry, so he lied to the judge. I did not even get a chance to say my side. I have always been the one to feed, clothe, do laundry, and make sure they had what they needed. He would only help if I asked him to AND if he felt like it. We also both worked. My oldest son is 14, and he will verify this eventually if his father doesn't scare him into not telling the truth. 

I fear that it will be a long and drawn-out battle even though I have the truth on my side. He is a good and very manipulative liar. I just want to take care of my kids as I have always done. As their father, I expect that he will get visitation, even though he has abused me. This is not about me wanting them not to see their father, it is about the truth of the matter... that I am the one who has cared for them. 

He has taken them from me to hurt me and to "win". That is what is important to him... not the best interest of the children.

Please donate to my cause, so that I can focus on getting my sons back and not worrying about whether I can afford a lawyer. 

Thank you so much!

A loving mom 

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