Chelsey Needs your Help!!!!

Chelsey Needs your Help!!!!

From Chelsey LF

Hello everyone! I started this fundraiser because I really need help. I've been struggling so hard for so long. I have also been getting severe headaches everyday and need help with medical expenses.

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Hello everyone! I started this fundraiser because I really need help. I've been struggling so hard for so long. I have also been getting severe headaches everyday and it makes it very hard to do anything. I have been in extreme pain the past five days and it has not subsided at all. They ran alot of tests and everything came out fine. I have to get a brain scan. It's to the point where I have to take pain meds and lay on a heating pad. I hate prescription medication, and tried many natural alternatives but its just not working right now. I have been getting headaches off and on for the past couple years consistently and it gets to the point where I cannot function alot.

It's so hard to make a decent living for myself because of a corrupt situation I went through and now, feeling sick all the time on top of it.

Five years ago I was kidnapped by a robber and I didn't know how to handle the situation (just sitting in the car). He had 30+ guns in the car and could have killed me at any moment. I dont know how to use guns. He kept saying he was going to put drugs in my drink and I'm pretty sure he did.. Because of that the court charged me as being involved in his crimes. I didn't have a lawyer and had to use a public defender who didn't do anything to help. The court case was extremely corrupt and they did not tell the jury anything about the guys extensive criminal history, would barely let my witnesses speak, and they concealed evidence (the guy gave a statement to the police where he said he was forcing me to be there, he manipulated me, and I kept telling him to stop). Not even my public defender would let me see this evidence until years later!! It seemed like my public defender was on their side too. They manipulated the jury into believing I was the culprit and a bad person.

Then on top of that going through an extremely traumatic court case, being on probation in Los Angeles struggling extremely by myself, and having to pay off all of his fines $8000. Prior to this I was also homeless for two years. I've just had little to no help for a very long time.

I have been suffering so hard for so long its been very hard to get back to feeling normal and heal my PTSD and anxiety. I also feel like that situation triggered my many health problems because of the extreme stress I had to go through... Between losing all my belongings in storage because of this hardship and my car getting ruined driving it from California to Montana repeatedly for court this situation has cost me roughly $30,000, not to mention all the suffering, lost wages, and lost opportunities.

... Now it's extremely difficult for me to make a living for myself. I went to college for many years and can't really use any of it now because no one wants to hire a felon. It's also nearly impossible to find somewhere to live too.

I have been trying so hard to create businesses but its difficult when im in constant pain and im always focused on survival living on cheap wages. I just feel like after all the extreme circumstances and tests that I've overcome I deserve a good life. I just want to have a normal life and enjoy it for once instead of constantly struggling. I want to become very successful so I can give back to people and my family. I want to be an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and also make motivational videos/build a following. After my extreme struggles I have alot to offer people in giving them advice and motivation throughout life. I am teaching myself all about real estate investing. I would also like to learn how to do fundraising for businesses and causes. I've been very motivated to create my own business because of being rejected from everything because of my record. The pain and stress has made me want to build a very successful life. I feel like with my strong persistence I can create something amazing I just need a little help getting started.

This is why I've created a fundraiser. To help me while I am in constant pain, medical expenses, to help get a lawyer to clear my record, and to help me create a business so I can end my constant battle.

If you can help out with whatever you can I would be extremely grateful. I promise you that your donation will be put to excellent use. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you 

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