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Roof is an important part of your home/school/church and its repair is necessary with the passage of time. If you want the safety of your belongings then you need to look after your roof consistently.

What are the costs associated with the roof repair? Roof repairment costs are not easy to calculate or there is no simple formula that exists, the cost is dependent on numerous factors like material type, quality of material, size, style, labor cost and pitch. If the damage to your roof is high then you need to spend more on your roof repair. 

Averagely the roof repairing costs are from 4000$ to 20000$ and in some cases, It could be higher, higher the damage to the roof the higher will be the cost.

You need a high investment for your roof repair. Each roofing contractor presents you with different prices. Before finding the cheapest quote you must need to be answered the following questions:

1- What is the experience and professionalism of the roofing contractor?

2- Do you have references about the roofing contractor from the satisfied customers?

3- Do you have done some analysis about roofing material?

4- What type of roof do you want for your school/ house?

The cost is not everything when you go for roof repair. Different roofing services offered different warranties, If the warranty is higher then the cost will be higher. For example, If a roofing contractor is offering 10 years warranty then Its roof repair price will be high in contrast to roofing service with a warranty of 2 years. 

If you haven’t money or you are short of money to fund your building roof repair then you could consider the option of fundraising. Fundraising could be in the form of charity or donations. People do contributions to a church building, school building, or roof repair.

For your fundraising campaign, you need to be followed the strategies mentioned below:

1- Do your Research.

You need to be performed research work and some paperwork before starting your fundraising campaign. You could target church families, school families, baseball leagues and soccer leagues.

2- Board Meetings and Plan

Do fundraising planning during the board meetings. Brainstorming in members’ meetings of school or church is very helpful to bring some new ideas. Evaluate the plan and check the return output. In the initial stage, the formulation of a comprehensive and detailed plan is good for a fundraising campaign.

3- Make Your Fundraising Campaign attractive

Enjoyable and fun things make your fundraising campaign attractive and in this way, the possibility is high to generate more funds. Nowadays, dozens of good-quality fundraising ideas are available and you could choose any of them.

4- Communication with the Members

You need to be keep updated your board members, teaching staff and other administrative staff etc. If you have good communication then better will be the outcomes for your fundraising campaign.

5- Draft Proposal for local businesses

Send fundraising campaign letters to the local businesses that are important about your fund needs. It provides them sufficient time to prepare for checks, cash or goods. 

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