Chartered Accountants Services, Duties and Responsibilities

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Definition of Chartered Accountant

A chartered accountant is an international accounting title fixed for accounting professionals in several countries in the world. Being a chartered accountant means the holder of this title is recognized as a qualified accountant to file business tax returns, prepare the companies’ financial statements and supervise the accountants' management team.

Difference between an accountant and a chartered accountant

Although both an accountant and the chartered accountant provide accountancy-related services, the chartered accountant is more qualified and professional. An accountant may have studied the basic knowledge of accountancy or have acquired the skills through years of experience but the chartered accountant must pass a series of examinations and undergo three to five years of work experience to become a member of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

Chartered accountants in Slough

Many chartered accountants in Slough are offering a variety of accountancy services to different entrepreneurs and enterprises. These services include tax return plans, accounting, advisory, and business support services. Depending upon the unique requirements of their clients, the chartered accountants in Slough provide taxation services, financial and investment planning services, management accounting services, and accounting audits. Accounting audits, one of the most important jobs done by a chartered accountant make sure the business entities are adhering to the corporate governance guidelines in the UK. Annual financial statements of the companies offer a strong indicator of progress for the investors and stakeholders to make informed decisions about the forecast of the financial future of the business they intend to invest in. The chartered accountants in Slough give their opinion on the accuracy of the financial statements so the external auditors evaluate whether the business organizations have complied or disobeyed the recommended standards in the preparation of the annual report and accounts (AR&A).

Chartered accountant services

The chartered accountant services in Slough are offered in different disciplines such as corporate finance, tax returns, and so on. These may cover a wide array of services as listed below:

Company formation

Business growth

Opening bank accounts

Managing services related to accounts


Indemnity insurance quote

Office registration

Income tax returns

VAT registration

Annual tax return reports

Chartered accountants in Slough are responsible to maintain financial statements accurately. If you are a new entrepreneur in the business world or a large business enterprise, hiring the most experienced chartered account is imperative for your success. With a chartered accountant in your financial management panel, you are sure that all your annual financial statements are accurate, trustworthy, and transparent.

No business can survive without investors a no investor is going to invest without an accurate, reliable, and transparent annual financial statement of the company. It is the most fundamental job of a professional chartered accountant to prepare a financial statement that adheres to the corporate governance guidelines in the UK. The chartered accountants in Slough are well experienced in all these aspects of accounts management for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and the enterprise.

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