Channel Your Inner Celebrity With These Chic Eyeglasses

Channel Your Inner Celebrity With These Chic Eyeglasses

From Junaid Awan

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Credit: @Kylie Jenner on Instagram]

In today's modern, screen-heavy life, glasses have become the norm rather than the exception. A National Health Interview survey of over 110,000 respondents found that 62% wore corrective eyewear of some kind in the last three years. As such, even the world's glitziest celebrities have been seen wearing glasses, although a few prefer to wear them just for fun. If you want to channel your favorite stars without going over the top, glasses are a subtle place to start. Here are a few styles to think about:

Versatile square silhouettes

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Credit: @Ray-Ban on Instagram]

Celebrities are natural trendsetters because of their vast influence, so you tend to see them in various styles over the years. Still, some eyeglasses have stood the test of time, worn by classic Hollywood actors, musicians, and today's most famous faces outside the entertainment industry. The eyeglasses from Ray-Ban have timeless silhouettes that can be fitted with or without a prescription. The enduring appeal of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Optics translates the well-loved Wayfarer sunglasses silhouette into eyeglasses. Its square shape with slightly rounded corners suits most faces, featuring high-quality materials and a black color scheme for maximum outfit versatility. The likes of pop star Taylor Swift, actor Ryan Reynolds, and F1 driver Charles Leclerc have worn these frames.

Chunky vintage frames

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Credit: @Vogue Eyewear on Instagram]

'90s styles are back with a vengeance. Starting with the revival of Y2K fashion's vibrant prints and colors in apparel, this renaissance has extended to eyewear, where thick frames and narrow rectangular lenses come together for a chic contrast. One nineties baby bringing back the trend is Hailey Bieber and her thick-frame glasses from her collaboration with Vogue Eyewear. These VO5441 glasses come in tortoiseshell-inspired earthy hues that enhance vintage appeal. In addition, the rectangle shape helps provide angular balance for oval or round faces. That explains why hip-hop star Rihanna, actor Pedro Pascal, and basketball legend Shaquille O'Neil have been seen in these frames.

Barely-there wireframes

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Credit: @Zenni Optical on Instagram]

With rates of myopia rising, vision correction has become the norm rather than the exception – even for celebrities – making lightweight frames a priority for many. Wireframe glasses prioritize comfort while adding a minimalist appeal, making them suitable for those who want a cross between fashion and function. For example, the thin spectacles from Keke Palmer's collection with Zenni Optical offer practical fashion with a touch of glamour. The Black and Gold Metal Glasses from her "Cool Glam" collection frame the eyes with their large surface area, with just a hint of sparkle to elevate one's everyday style. Other celebrities spotted in similar styles include model-actress-activist Emily Ratajkowski (who popularized the trend in 2017), model and TV personality Gigi Hadid, and performer Ariana Grande.

Eccentric double-bridged styles

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Credit: @Gwyneth Paltrow on Instagram]

Celebrities have more free rein than most to experiment with weirder styles on the spectrum, including eyewear. Even these corrective tools can become the centerpiece of one's outfit if paired with the right clothing. Famously, Gwyneth Paltrow's double-bridged, oddly-shaped Caddis glasses went viral last year when the star found herself embroiled in a trial involving a ski accident. The Metamodernist Scout model features a gold metal frame, a distinctive double-bridged nose detail, and a slanted square shape straight from the '80s. This style is loved by actors Matthew McConaughey, Lena Headey, and Brooke Shields.

The world of eyeglasses presents endless possibilities for embodying your favorite celeb's unique style. Whether going the vintage route or sticking with a minimalist vibe, you'll definitely find something that suits your preferences.

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