The Love and Iron Project

The Love and Iron Project

From Michael Slifka

Please get your Champions T-Shirt, wear it, and share the truth! See the "more info" section below for details!

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So, I was already to go. 

I'd written down a pretty thorough and reasoned description of the Champions For Children Campaign and its goals, mapped out the project's progression in detail, and did my best to anticipate and answer any questions you might have in advance.

But then, well, I trashed all that because it just didn't feel right. Something was missing. 

Truthfully, (and I'm sure you know this for yourself), the family law reform problem can wear you out. It's hard, not just physically in terms of time, energy, and money - but especially emotionally, because in addition to the traumas, struggles, and on-going concerns that the we volunteers continue to battle ourselves, we also take on lots and lots of tragic stuff on for our members. Don't get me wrong, we love you guys and we're happy to do it, but this can be a tough gig.

Thankfully, I've learned to take some medicine for problems like this, and it works like a charm. 

What I did was pull out and read the transcripts from my permanent orders hearing - every single word, and, I visited the social media pages of my two alienated children, the two people whom I love most in the world, and, who now want nothing to do with me.

The pain came as it always does, a mixture of emotions consisting of sadness, betrayal, anger, regret, loneliness .......and then I connected with it again - the fire; the burning desire to fight back and the unbending will to see our tasks completed, no matter what.

I guess point of that little story is it's time to turn up the heat and keep it up.

Children deserve to be loved by both parents, and people need to know the truth about what's really going on with child custody law.

It should be common sense that if we really want what’s best for children, we should utilize the family court to prevent the escalation of conflict between parents and redirect the focus toward healthier outcomes for parents and children alike.

But that's not what's happening, and despite all the bluster, hand wringing, and seemingly exasperated cries for parental cooperation from politicians, judges, attorneys, and family investigators – We actually have a legal system that has been mindfully engineered to manufacture conflict and create absent parents so that a whole host of self-interested parties can profit from it - This needs to stop.

The Love And Iron Project:

Since 2012, we've been working like crazy to fix a dishonest and self-serving system of family law, while at the same time, doing our best to help heal the harm and destruction it causes to parents and children.

We've been at this for well over seven years, and we've never asked for a penny from anyone. We've engaged with legislators, we've provided resources and support to hurting parents and children, and we've worked hard to promote the truth and to help you and others do the same.

Sadly, and after all this time and effort from us and other organizations, it's clear that legislators still care more about money than people, and as a result, we've decided to become more aggressive and ratchet-up the pressure by hitting politicians where they'll feel it.

The Champion For Children T-Shirt:

The primary goals of the Champions for Children campaign amount to harvesting and applying increasing amounts of publicity, public influence, and political leverage on a state by state basis, and this fundraiser begins the first phase of our action plan.

Unfortunately, in order to accomplish this, we're going to need funding, because the tools and resources required to tackle a project of this magnitude while highly effective, are sadly, most definitely not free.

Our phase one fundraising goal is $12,187 which gets everything set-up and rolling; especially our publicity and social media components.  It's going to take me, you, and all of us to get this done, so we've arranged for you to receive your choice of a quality Champion's t-shirt as our thanks for your donation of $39 toward the effort.

Also, and since we also believe in transparency, here's the breakdown of where your money's going:

The cost of the shirt itself, printing, shipping, and fees is around $32 (we didn't choose a cheap shirt - we want you wearing the hell out of it! ), the remaining $7 will represent your donation to the project.

Obviously, $7 is a little light in terms money we can use for public and political influence, so if you want,  you can add a little extra, but that's up to you - you're in total control of that decision.

Please note there are NO Love & Iron logos on these phase one Champion's shirts because we want to be clear: it's not promoting the Love and Iron Project that matters, it's the message and the results that are important.

So, instead of our logo, we've recognized your role as a "Champion For Children" and printed that on the front breast where the logo would normally reside.

(If your viewing this site on your computer, your Champions Shirt options are over on the right hand side of this page. If you're on your phone, click the orange "donate now" button to bring them up.)

Also, we recognize that some of you may already have more t-shirts than you know what to do with, but maybe you'd still like to help us?

The stuff we need to do is expensive, but we can do a lot with a little. If you're willing to assist with any amount we'll be EXTREMELY grateful. To do so, just click the donate button and choose a custom amount option.

What You Allow Will Continue:

We have to fight back with the truth, we have to move forward, and we have to see results.

We hope you'll join our family because we'd love to have you with us. But whatever you decide to do, please know that we love and appreciate who you are and why you're here.

Please let us know if we can help you!

Warmest Regards,


P.S. You can also invite friends and family to lake a look and get involved. Just scroll back up to the top of the campaign page and utilize the social media or email buttons, then they can decide for themselves what they'd like to do  :)

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