Cellular Healing Kick Off

Cellular Healing Kick Off

From Edward Loniewski

We provide cell based therapies for patients suffering from joint pain and train health care workers on proper treatment protocols.

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Everyone Should Be Able to Use Their Own Cells


  • We provide cell based therapy (stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma ) using your own cells to treat common arthritic conditions.
  • We provide standardized training on patient selection, harvesting, processing and delivery of cell therapy. 
  • We plan on setting up clinics in Southeastern MI and expand to international health. 

The Problem: 

Your Cells should be for your healing is really the focus of Cellular Healing. We firmly believe that everyone should be able to at least have the opportunity to evaluate this option for their own health.  The problem is that this is a procedure not covered by health insurance and there is no known window when this may be covered in the near future.  Thus, thousands and millions of people all over the world are deprived of this basic human right to use their own cells to help with their own healing. There are no major corporations, foundations, or even government agencies providing funding for this treatment. Unlike the major pharmaceutical industry which provides millions of dollars every year to supplement the costs to use their products, this treatment has no source of funding.  It is an orphaned treatment program without a supporting parent. Nobody can patent your own cells and thus, there is no major industrial interest or lobbying efforts. This is despite the fact that this treatment has substantial, peer reviewed, published studies supporting the safe and effective use. In addition, many of these studies demonstrate superior results to many of the currently used and industry backed treatments such as joint replacement; hyaluronic and steroid injections.  Read more by visiting our Web Page    Not only is the treatment not funded, but also there is no formalized, standardized  training for the health care providers. Many current medical training programs at major universities have no formalized training in cell therapy. Thus, even if we received funding for treatment, we would have a massive shortage of properly trained providers. 

Our Solution: 

Cellular Healing has taken the initiative to solve these two problems in cell therapy. We have formed a not for profit, 501c3 organization to help provide cell based therapies to anyone who can not afford this therapy and also to properly train health care providers and their staff on the proper patient selection, harvesting, processing and delivery of cell therapy.    We have plans to set up clinics in underserved areas around the country starting right here in Southeastern Michigan to provide cell based therapies. We also plan on setting up training programs where young and experienced physicians can be trained in cell therapies. Not only the physicians, but their staff. From this small nidus, we plan on expanding the services not only throughout the US, but abroad. This is the perfect treatment for medical missions because we require very little equipment, and this can be administered in one single, safe and effective treatment anywhere at anytime. 

Our Goals: 

Our goal is to set up a clinic in an underserved area with the purchase of a building in Detroit, Michigan as well as some other locations in Southeastern, Michigan. In addition, we have already started training physicians all over the world in these techniques, but will focus training local physicians and physicians in training to raise the next generation of health care providers focused on using your own cells for your healing. 

Please help us reach this goal by donating. Just click HERE and donate whatever you can to help those who really need this treatment.  We can provide basic treatment to help alleviate the crippling pain of arthritis for as little as $100.   Remember these are OUR CELLS for OUR HEALING, and nobody should be denied this basic human right.        God Bless

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