Celebration of Life Dance Party

Celebration of Life Dance Party

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My beautiful sister who passed away on 8/1/21 at the young age of 30. Donations will go to all costs related to a celebration of life dance party, dance scholarship for disabled kids and financial relief to the family.

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Where do I even begin? My beautiful little sister passed away suddenly on 8/1/21 and to say this was a shock to our family is a complete understatement. It's really difficult for me to even be writing this right now because I am actively grieving.  Gina was a beautiful, funny, smart, kind, compassionate woman who always wore her heart on her sleeve. She had the biggest heart and would help anyone that she could.. in fact a few days before she passed away, she donated twice to a homeless man whom she didn't know, but that was my sister. She was my best friend and together we have been through so much trauma throughout our life. If you knew Gina, then you knew she struggled with many things, but at the same time, at a certain point, she didn't allow people to know everything she had been through and what her current struggles were. She would be as helpful as she possibly could to anyone else who was struggling with mental health, their weight (bigger or smaller),  the LGBTQ+ community and so many more.  Gina suffered from an eating disorder and in early April of 2021, the physical affects from it started to manifest. She all of a sudden was unable to walk or have full use of her hands. Something she was able to do just a week before she went into the hospital determined to get the help she needed. Unfortunately, it didn't go that way at all. She was septic on arrival and her heart rate was abnormally high, but not one doctor listened to her concerns or took her seriously. The cardiologist chalked it up to anxiety and gave her some heart medicine to help. Also this same doctor assured her that if she went to a rehab, they would be able to get her walking again and on the mend. None of that happened because the rehab that she went into did NOTHING. With Covid-19 and the pandemic, staff shortages is expected, but the neglect and abuse my sister received there was absolutely horrifying. She barely ate any amount of food for the 3 weeks she was there and she couldn't hold her water in her hand, so she barely drank as well. I won't even get into the multiple comments that were made that were completely unacceptable by the staff at that facility. My husband and I, as well as my mom, reported this facility multiple times and also tried to do as much as we could, but with Covid-19 we were unable to be let inside the facility. In May we made the decision to bring Gina home so that she could be more comfortable. We were able to speak to a wonderful woman at my sister's insurance company that assured us that she would make sure my sister would get all the help she needed at home. My mom, my husband and I did not know how difficult it was going to be with Gina being home. She was hospital bed bound and a shell of her former self. I can't give you any positive things during those few months before she passed away because I literally watched the fight leave her eyes. She completely stopped eating and it was so hard to watch. I do remember her saying that she was "afraid to gain weight," but then towards the end of her life she would say that "she just couldn't eat." You may be wondering why she didn't just go back to the hospital and the reason is the experience she had back in April and early May, traumatized her. She didn't want to be treated like crap by anyone anymore. She wanted to be with her family and surrounded by the people that loved her. It was the only thing she could control and I'd like to think that she chose the way she wanted to pass away. Gina loved to dance and all she ever wanted in her life was a big dance party all about her. So I can't think of a better celebration of her life than by doing just that! This dance party will truly be a celebration of my beautiful little sister and an amazing way to honor her life! We also would like to take a portion of the money raised and donate again to The Gina Marie Krasley Dancers Dream Scholarship that is to give a child or teen one year of free dance class. We have also suffered a significant financial strain, so any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading and thank you for donating!

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