Celebration of Freedom "Honoring our Heroes"

Celebration of Freedom "Honoring our Heroes"

From Rich Herman

"Supporting our military, veterans, law enforcement, and emergency services to ensure "We Will Never Forget”

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About Us

We are a volunteer group comprised of community and family members, military and support agencies that seek to provide our military, law enforcement, emergency services and veterans with recognition and support by hosting the Celebration of Freedom.

The Celebration of Freedom is our chance to express gratitude for the freedoms they protect, with over ninety percent of all donations benefitting heroes and organizations that support them.

Celebration of Freedom Event

The Celebration of Freedom is an annual event held in Amarillo, Texas to honor our military heroes and service personnel past and present. The event is dedicated to making sure “We Never Forget” their efforts to secure the freedoms we enjoy as a result of their service and protection of our community.

The Celebration of Freedom raises awareness of the contributions of our heroes and expresses our gratitude with activities such as bike ride, live entertainment, food, and social interactions. It is a day for the military and service personnel to share celebrate the freedom they protect.

Goals of the Celebration of Freedom

Our goal is to make this event truly memorable and one in which everyone can participate fully. No matter the individual’s disability, our focus is on ability and making sure the day is a memorable one. Most importantly, we seek to recognize, thank, and show our support to these heroes.

All military branches have participated in the Celebration of Freedom, and there are many military, emergency services, veterans, law enforcement, supporting organizations that help facilitate the event.

Supporting the Celebration of Freedom

The Celebration of Freedom is an all-inclusive event provided at absolutely no cost to the wounded warriors, servicemen, veterans, emergency services, and law enforcement. Entertainment, meals, and recognition at the event are provided free of charge for these heroes. It is because of this arrangement that Celebration of Freedom relies entirely on donations and community support.

We welcome donations, volunteers, and support from private individuals, small businesses, and other organizations to cover the expenses and provide the resources needed for the Celebration of Freedom. Proceeds from the event help ease challenges facing our American heroes with the donations to charities that provide support and services to our military and service personnel.

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